Moisture vapor transmission is an important property that can be expressed in various ways: MVTR or Permeation. This tool shows all to allow for easy estimates of the property that you want!

User input:

  • Grade selection
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Test type (E96B upright, E96BW inverted, E96ACE silica)

Tool output:

  • MVTR vs Layer Thickness
MVTR test types

All measurements are performed according global standards.

  • For the Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate one of the three test standards is chosen. With this test type measurements have been performed at various temperatures and humidity conditions. As a measure of the vapor transmission, the weight of the cup is measured over time.
MVTR testing standard

Model creation

  • The model is based on more than 500 measurements. Covering dozens of grades, Temperatures between 10 and 40 °C, humidities ranging from 5% to 93%. A hybrid modeling approach is used where knowledge of physical processes are fed to a machine learning model.


  • Median Accuracy is 10% for measured values and 22% for measurements not known by the model. In some rare cases, the model might be more off.
MVTR model

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Why can't I select all Envalior grades?

We're in the process of expanding this tool to more grades, but this depends on the availability of experimental data as well as on the demand for that particular grade. Let us know what grades you're looking for by filling in the feedback form on the bottom right of the page!

Why am I not allowed to export the data from the graph?

Everyone can use the download functionality once logged in; simply register (for free) and immediately start downloading.