TechXchange Webinar

Wednesdag, May 22, 2024

2 p.m. ET | 1 p.m. CT | 11 a.m. PT

TechXchange Webinar: How to power up your e-motor performance

Today’s e-motor market space is under tough consumer scrutiny and needs more innovation. Attend this TechXchange webinar to find out how you can increase your e-motor performance by up to 10% and take your e-motor’s performance standards to new levels.

Envalior, a global leader of sustainable & high-performance engineering materials, has a unique and proprietary high heat PA46 polymer that can help you produce thinner wall insulations for your e-motor.

If you want to become an industry leader in e-motor efficiency and performance, attend this 30-minute webinar.

Hosted by:

Tony Padden
Technical Application Manager, Envalior

Kurt Lutterbach
Business Development Manager – Specialties, Envalior