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Envalior in Furniture: Designed for better living

Furniture design is no longer just about durability, ergonomics and attractiveness. Sustainability has now become a growing consideration. We work with our customers to develop Cradle to Cradle designs that are friendlier to the environment, with a lower carbon footprint.

Our plastic materials do more than add strength and beauty to furniture. We focus on delivering materials with a low or neutral carbon footprint, eliminating hazardous substances and supporting recycling. Our ultimate goal is to achieve closed-loop, Cradle to Cradle solutions.

Envalior works with numerous leading furniture companies to promote sustainable designs that meet consumers’ growing demand for products that are better for the environment.

Featured customer applications

Bed Springs

Consumer goods | Furniture

Arnitel® TPC is a reliable solution for bed springs as it allows for more design freedom. Due to its high-flow injection moldable viscosity grades, complex designs can be molded easily. It has excellent colorability and color stability. Arnitel has a broad portfolio in shore D hardness (38D-74D), so the parts can be molded in a different stiffness/hardness for different zones of the bed.

Seat Suspension/Fabrics

Consumer goods | Furniture

Arnitel® TPC is a reliable solution for seat suspension due to its retention of flexibility even at temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F) or at elevated temperatures up to 100˚C (212°F). Akulon® PA6 is approved for chair bases and frames. Arnitel ECO is a bio-based alternative made from 50% renewable resources.

Chair Arms

Consumer goods | Furniture

Ultraflow yields faster molding than standard PA6; Enables thinner wall designs; Cost-effective solution

Akulon® polyamide 6: Sitting pretty in furniture

Designed for office chair arms, seats, backs and bases, our Akulon K224-G6 grade provides strength, high-impact resistance and excellent processing for injection molding.

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