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Envalior’ scientists and engineers provide design security for customers across the globe, by applying our broad and deep expertise to find the best solutions for a wide variety of construction- and production challenges. Whatever the design challenge is, we are there for our customers, 24/7 and across the globe, to work closely together to find ways to realize the impossible. Browse these pages to discover more about our science power and technology competences.

Latest blogs

  • Closing the electronics gap with an advanced PBT series offering outstanding tracking resistance

    In today’s landscape of electrical/electronics (E/E) components, the demand for plastic parts with superior tracking resistance is crucial. Yet, a comprehensive portfolio of glass-fiber-reinforced PBT compounds have not been readily available in the market in the past. Now, Envalior offers a PBT series designed to ensure the reliability, performance, and safety your products require to meet the increasing demands modern electronics place on materials.

  • Create lightweight, durable underbody components for EVs with Tepex composite material

    Lightweighting plays a significant role in creating optimal driving experiences. To compensate for heavy batteries in electric vehicles, engineers need to design lightweight components, including underbody panel components. There are engineering materials much lighter than metal that can be utilize. These materials also ease logistics, and allow fewer secondary operations with lower energy consumption, less waste streams in production and less hazardous production steps.

Latest Tech Talks

Latest Use Cases

  • Anisotropic creep prediction of injection-molded short-glass-fiber-reinforced parts

    Creep is a time dependent deformation process that happens to materials under a certain stress level. However, with proper design and material choices, thermoplastics can be a suitable material for parts with a creep load. Predictability is key when designing load-bearing components. It reduces development time, enables first-time right design and ensures part performance in service. In this Use Case we evaluated an example of creep of a compression limiter. Focusing on the modelling of creep as function of time of injection molded short-glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (SFRP).

  • Accurately predict fatigue lifetime of injection-molded short-glass-fiber reinforced plastics components

    Fatigue is concerned with alternating or cyclic loads, even when the load levels are well below the strength of the applied material. Depending on the component, over time such a load will lead to part failure. Based on conducting extensive experiments, we developed a robust framework considering all essential aspects for fatigue. This Use Case focuses on results of our fatigue/lifetime modelling framework for injection molded glass-fiber reinforced plastics, using the example of the load bracket demonstrator.

Latest Infographics

  • Material innovation for next-gen ADAS

    As radars become more compact in all three dimensions while operating at higher power, thermal management and EMI shielding solutions based on engineering materials solutions become more essential. Envalior offers a complete laser weldable material portfolio for radomes and back covers, ranging from pbt to low dk/df pps up to highly conductive pps compounds. While Envalior continues Xytron innovation, we also leverage the proven properties of Arnite PBT in radar applications.

  • Giving new life to ghost fishing nets

    Every year, approximately 640,000 tons of ghost fishing nets are left in the oceans, hundreds of thousands of marine animals lose their lives and coral reefs are damaged due to this type of ocean pollution. Envalior’s strategy includes developing innovative solutions that contribute to a circular economy and aligns with the UN sustainable development goals addressing climate change, resource scarcity, waste and pollution.to produce Akulon® RePurposed, Envalior uses discarded fishing nets as the source.

Latest Whitepapers

  • Manufacturing soft touch components with Arnitel®

    Consumers are increasingly engaged with their smart phones, smart watches, and other personal devices—wherever they are—exposing soft touch components to prolonged use, weather damage, and increased exposure to everyday chemicals such as cosmetics and sunscreen. Product designers and manufacturers increasingly rely on thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material solutions to produce and deliver highly durable and high-quality soft touch parts.

  • Ensuring kitchen utensils comply to food contact standards

    There are a handful of trends in the food contact and water safety markets today—sustainability, globalization and safety, which is of utmost importance. Since these markets are global, food and water contact industries are diverse and driven by different regulations in different regions—some being stricter than others. Currently, PA66 is under a microscope because of the exposure of cyclic oligomers exceeding the newly advised surface migration limit of 5 mg/kg food.

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