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Making better mechanical parts

Industrial equipment is driven by multitudes of mechanical parts. As we continue to develop new and better engineering plastics, we are helping our customers develop mechanical parts that are higher quality, safer, more sustainable, and more cost-efficient.

Advanced thermoplastics such as Stanyl are increasingly used in a broad range of mechanical parts. These parts are lighter, stronger, more flexible, and more recyclable that parts made from traditional materials such as metal. This provides engineers with the freedom to design better and brighter equipment.

Our Akulon material grades are proven effective in a wide range of applications from valves and pumps to gears and cable ties. And for industrial pipes and hoses, which are subject to extreme temperature ranges, our Arnitel thermoplastic copolyester elastomer is ideal. As we continue to develop our portfolio, our materials are increasingly built around bio-chemical engineering. Our latest material, EcoPaXX, is 70% bio-renewable.

Featured customer applications

Industrial Connectors

Electrical | Connectors

Most grades are available with halogenfree flameretardancy.

Industrial Control Gear

Electrical | Power distribution

Most grades are available with halogenfree flameretardancy, and in specific electro-grey colour for housings. ForTii® Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) of 305°C .

Lift truck steering wheel

Industrial equipment | Others

Improved surface appearance ;Lower molded-in-stress ;Reduced warpage ;Less required molding tonnage ;Increased design freedom

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