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Reducing our environmental impact, enabling sustainable solutions and advocating for positive change

Enabling design of more sustainable products with a lower carbon footprint

  • Envalior already has a portfolio of around 150 sustainable or bio-based & recycled grades.
  • A certified carbon footprint is available for most of the grades of Akulon®, Arnitel®, Arnite®, EcoPaXX®, ForTii®, Stanyl®, Xytron™ as well as for glass fibers.
  • Akulon® PA6 and Durethan® PA6 have lower carbon footprint levels than the current industry average (as determined by Plastics Europe and EcoInvent).
  • Stanyl® B-MB (Biomass waste mass balanced), with up to 100% bio-based content. This is an industry-first 100% bio-based high-temperature polyamide enabling to halve the carbon footprint compared to the fossil-based original.
  • Akulon® RePurposed made from recycled ocean-bound fishing nets used in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series, Schneider Electric’s Merten Ocean plastics range and Ford Bronco.
  • Akulon® 100% bio-based B-MB polyamide 6 (PA6) material enables the launch of an entire Bugaboo stroller portfolio.
  • Lightweight technology significantly saves CO₂ emissions during production, use and at end of life.
  • Nitrous oxide reduction plant in Antwerp reduces 400,000 tons CO₂e per year.


A new life in PA6 for end-of-life fishing nets

PA6 from post-consumer plastic waste (pyrolysis)

PA6/PA66 with post-industrial glass fiber

PBT with post-industrial glass-fiber (ECO) and in addition post-consumer PET (ECO T)

Mechanical recycled PBT

PET from post-consumer plastic waste (glycolysis)

PA410 based on castor oil

PA46 and PA4T, partly based on castor oil

Combining PA6 from biomass or bio-waste with post-industrial glass fiber

TPC partly based on rapeseed oil

100% bio-based composites from polyactic acid or PA1010 and flax fabrics

Castor oil and  biomass waste mass balanced - 100% bio-based

First High Temperature polyamide from biomass waste mass balanced

Biomass waste mass balanced (100% bio-based)

Biomass waste mass balanced

Combining PA6 from biomass or bio-waste with post-industrial glass fiber

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