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Changing the world for the better

We aim to be a global leader in sustainable and high-performance engineering materials. We imagine the future by shaping the world of today and tomorrow. We’re conscious that this is both a privilege and a responsibility – so, when we imagine the future, we’re guided by our key values to help us create a better world. At Envalior, we’re proud to be a sustainable materials innovator and our goal is to reduce our environmental impact, enabling sustainable solutions and advocate for positive change.


A new life in PA6 for end-of-life fishing nets

PA6 from post-consumer plastic waste (pyrolysis)

PA6/PA66 with post-industrial glass fiber

PBT with post-industrial glass-fiber (ECO) and in addition post-consumer PET (ECO T)

Mechanical recycled PBT

PET from post-consumer plastic waste (glycolysis)

PA410 based on castor oil

PA46 and PA4T, partly based on castor oil

Combining PA6 from biomass or bio-waste with post-industrial glass fiber

TPC partly based on rapeseed oil

100% bio-based composites from polyactic acid or PA1010 and flax fabrics

Castor oil and  biomass waste mass balanced - 100% bio-based

First High Temperature polyamide from biomass waste mass balanced

Biomass waste mass balanced (100% bio-based)

Biomass waste mass balanced

Combining PA6 from biomass or bio-waste with post-industrial glass fiber

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