Consumer Goods

Our portfolio of engineering plastics are developed with the knowledge that technology and innovation go hand-in-hand. They’re used across a broad range of consumer goods, including white goods, food packaging, and sporting equipment.

Making consumer goods Safe, Sustainable and Reliable

Today’s consumers are more demanding of the products they buy – for indoor and outdoor use. They want goods that perform well, look good, last longer, and use as little energy as possible – both in their production and their day-to-day use.

Our portfolio of engineering plastics are developed with the knowledge that technology and innovation go hand-in-hand. They’re used across a broad range of consumer goods, including white goods, food packaging, and sporting equipment to make them safe, sustainable and reliable.

Browse applications in consumer goods

  • Appliances

    Learn why the world’s leading appliance manufacturers trust advanced Envalior material solutions to improve performance and deliver value.

  • Faucets

    Learn how Envalior advanced materials can make faucets and other plumbing fixtures safer, stronger and more sustainable.

  • Food packaging

    Learn why Envalior is a leading global supplier of advanced materials for food packaging.

  • Furniture

    Explore how our plastics can be used in furniture applications.

  • Household utensils

    Check out the range of applications in household utensils where our engineering plastics are used.

  • Kitchen utensils

    Learn how Envalior material science helps increase the performance and safety of the world’s most popular kitchen utensils.

  • Lawn & Garden

    Browse through our portfolio of high performance plastics solutions for lawn & garden.

  • Outdoor Power Equipment

    Our broad portfolio of materials enables smart, integrated designs for outdoor power equipment. Engineered to be tough and durable, even while designing lighter, thin-walled parts that require fewer processing steps, our materials are helping industry partners achieve their goals.

  • Power Tools

    Check out the range of applications in power tools where our engineering plastics are used.

  • Sports & Leisure

    Learn more about Envalior’s material solutions to deliver better, lighter and higher-performance sports & leisure equipment

  • Boilers and Heaters

    Learn more about Envalior’s portfolio of advanced thermoplastic solutions for boilers and heaters.

Highlighted case studies


Leveraging safe, high-performance materials for kitchen utensils

Consumers and regulators are concerned with the potential health risks posed by plastic kitchen utensils. In the past decade, the U.S. FDA and European Commission have banned or restricted potentially carcinogenic substances commonly found in food utensils and packaging. As a result, household goods manufacturers are under pressure to ensure cookware meets evolving food contact safety regulations. Plus, consumers expect high-quality, long-lasting products that are environmentally friendly and available at a low cost.


Sympatex goes green with Arnitel® B-MB

Envalior and membrane manufacturer Sympatex Technologies introduced bio-based mass-balanced Arnitel®, a thermoplastic elastomer, which is manufactured with bio-based feedstock using a mass-balance approach—the end product contains more than 25% bio-based content by weight. This dedicated grade will now be replaced by the Arnitel B-MB version.


Manufacturing safe, reliable and high-performance appliance connectors

As smart home technology gives us greater flexibility, connector safety and performance are critical. Envalior delivers materials that adhere to miniaturization trends, ensure the safety of end consumers, and help you improve product sustainability.

Further reading

  • Optimizing gear performance in small appliances

    Many small appliances, including miniature food processors and mobile printers, require very small or thin plastic gears that fit into compact designs. If a small or thin-molded gear breaks, the consumer will need to engage in time-consuming repairs.

  • Manufacturing eco-friendly, lead-free water heater and boiler parts

    Governments and consumers are more concerned than ever with public health issues and sustainability that stem from the global water industry, including its water heater market. To protect the health of consumers, key regulatory bodies, including the NSF, have rapidly altered standards for manufacturing drinking water components. These changes include new, stringent material regulations for plumbing parts – including water heaters, heat pumps and boilers.

  • Making outdoor power equipment lighter and more efficient

    To address this demand for sustainable lawn maintenance, gardening and commercial landscaping equipment, OPE manufacturers are leveraging material science to create products that are stronger, lighter and much more efficient than gas-powered equipment.

  • Empowering athletes with sustainable high-performance footwear

    Athletic equipment, including shoes, is making a serious impact on the environment. Governments and consumers are particularly concerned with the greenhouse gas emissions and landfill pollution that result from athletic shoe manufacturing. As an athletic footwear producer, you are under pressure to meet the demand for sustainable shoes that don’t compromise on quality and performance. Envalior offers you recyclable, bio-based material solutions for the design of midsoles that help athletes perform at their best.

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