Enabling the next generation of mobile devices with high-performance materials.

Enabling the next generation of mobile devices with high-performance materials

Mobile devices have changed the way we find information, entertain ourselves, and remain connected to our friends and family. As devices evolve to help us manage more aspects of our lives, they demand more from the materials used to make them.

Our solutions, combined with our team of experts, empower you to define the next generation of mobile electronics. Our unique materials enable cutting-edge design, higher performance, and the ability to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), while also reaching targets for safety and sustainability.

Whether it’s for connectors, cables, frames or antennas, the world’s leading mobile device manufacturers rely on our materials to enable thinner and lighter components that are safer and more reliable.

Featured customer applications

USB-C Connectors

Electronics | Desktops / PCs

Glass-reinforced ;Provides up to 50% more wear resistance compared to other high temperature polyamides ;Enables thinner wall designs ;Halogen and red phosphorous-free grades are available

Audio Jack Connectors

Electronics | Connectors

Cost-effective; High flowability; Low moisture absorption; Flame retardant

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