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  • Envalior and KOKI deliver a highly efficient lightweight automotive shift fork made with ForTii ® ACE

    Envalior announces that it has partnered with KOKI TECHNIK Transmission Systems GmbH, a leading Transmission Shifting Systems manufacturer, to deliver a shift fork used within an E-Powertrains Decoupling Unit. KOKI chose ForTii® ACE PPA for its shift fork application because the material offers extreme high stiffness up to 160°C, design freedom and maximum wear resistance without the need for additional bushings.

  • Low-thickness thermoplastic composite passes strict thermal runaway tests

    Envalior is offering a new composite under the Tepex brand that, even with very low test specimen thicknesses, passes the standard thermal runaway tests for electric vehicle battery housings. The high resistance of this composite to the extreme conditions of a battery cell fire can be attributed to the non-flammable long and continuous fibers that reinforce the material in a multi-layer structure.

  • Supplier of the Year 2022

    STIHL has named LANXESS Performance Materials GmbH, which is now part of Envalior, as one of its “Suppliers of the Year 2022” alongside four other companies. The family company has been honoring suppliers for outstanding performance in terms of quality, technology, innovation, service, and value for money since 1990.

  • Envalior at Battery Show Europe 2023

    Envalior will have its own booth at Battery Show Europe 2023 in Stuttgart, Europe’s biggest trade show for cutting-edge technologies and production processes for batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles.

  • Envalior at JEC World 2023

    At JEC World, which will take place in Paris from April 25 through 27, Envalior will be showcasing new material and technological developments in its portfolio of continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites under the Tepex brand.

  • Tepex from Envalior for best times in short distance running

    The Puma Fast-FWD NITROTM Elite is an ultra-lightweight shoe that offers mechanical support to propel the wearer forward. It is designed as a race-day shoe for distances of around five kilometers. The maximized energy transfer can be attributed to a new technique developed by Puma for midsoles combining a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic plate – or PWRPLATE as it’s called – and a foam layer.

  • Envalior enters the engineering materials market as a new global leader

    Envalior, a global leader in engineering plastics, today announces its official launch as a company. With a turnover of around EUR 4 billion and a highly qualified and diverse team of around 4,000 employees worldwide, Envalior is one of the leading companies in the field of engineering plastics.