Enhance performance, comfort and sustainability of advanced wound care films 

Advanced wound care dressings improve treatment for patients that experience frequent or long-lasting wounds. Film strips inside dressings, which are permeable to moisture vapor and air but keep bacteria and viruses out, accelerate the healing process. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is widely used to manufacturer these films. Yet, in addition to its sustainability drawbacks, improving this material’s moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) performance is time- and cost-intensive. There is a material available that keeps patients and healthcare workers safer, offers greater comfort and helps preserve the environment.

Help you elevate performance and comfort cost-effectively

Envalior’s Care material portfolio responds to the growing need for medical equipment that keeps patients and healthcare workers safer, offers greater comfort and helps preserve the environment. 

Arnitel Care TPC offers MVTR performance as high as 45,000g/m2 per day in 15µm films. Tensile modulus testing comparing the material to the TPU used in commercial dressings indicates that Arnitel films can be made 50% thinner. This improves both MVTR and how well dressings conform to body shape, without compromising protection against pathogens. Arnitel Care TPC enables 10µm films to be produced at 300m/min – a significant productivity increase over TPU competitors – which drives operating and material costs savings.

Arnitel® enables production of 10µm film with speed 300m/min

Whitepaper: Embracing sustainability in the medical device market

We are helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies understand the methodologies and science behind sustainability. Download our new white paper to learn how our pragmatic solutions can solve your medical device challenges while keeping sustainability at top of mind.

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