Plastics that meet the latest demands in servers

Increasing connectivity and cloud computing is placing higher demands on servers. As data rates increase, higher speeds and more bandwidth require connectors and sockets with higher pin counts. At the same time, the industry is looking to reduce energy consumption substantially, like the recently introduced DDR4 memory, which increases performance by up to 50% while decreasing the voltage and power draw of the overall computing system.

Our high-performance engineering plastics are ideal for applications like DDR4 DIMM connectors, enabling easy rework at lower temperature loads. For USB-C connectors, we’re enabling thinner walls with a more reliable connection.

Our team of experts work together with key industry partners to find the best solutions for today’s challenges, as well as the next-generation DDR5 DIMM connectors.

Featured customer applications

USB-C Connectors

Electronics | Desktops / PCs

Glass-reinforced ;Provides up to 50% more wear resistance compared to other high temperature polyamides ;Enables thinner wall designs ;Halogen and red phosphorous-free grades are available

DDR DIMM Connectors

Electronics | Connectors

Sustainable solution due to good carbon footprint; Flame retardant; Halogen-free; Red-phosphorous free

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