Irene Colicchio

Irene Colicchio

Global Sustainability Engineer

Irene Colicchio is Global Sustainability Engineer with the Engineering Materials division of Envalior. Her interest in sustainable plastic materials and solutions dates to her early studies. In her master thesis obtained from the University of Bologna in Italy, she investigated the recycling of plastic bottles. During her PhD time at the University of Aachen in Germany, Irene studied polymeric membranes for use in hydrogen fuel cells. After joining Envalior in 2008, Irene started as a research scientist leading the team working on EcoPaXX, the polyamide PA410 with bio-based content. In her current role, Irene engages with colleagues, suppliers, and customers to drive business growth via sustainability and contribute to the creation of sustainable value chains. Her drive is to stimulate life cycle thinking in and outside Envalior and to support the development of value propositions underpinned by proven sustainability elements - environmental and social. She is focal point for customers’ programs on Scope 3 emissions.

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