Envalior works with global manufacturers of key braking system components such as electric brake boosters, electric parking brakes, and other key actuation systems to optimize design and improve performance. We offer advanced material solutions, global manufacturing, state-of-the art testing capabilities, and extensive application development experience for high-performance thermoplastic gears.

Optimize gears for electric brake actuators

Unlike traditional vacuum and hydraulic mechanisms, electric brakes require several gear-driven actuators to maximize system efficiency and reliability. Since electric brake booster and parking brake designs are highly compact, OEMs require actuator gears that are increasingly thin and extremely durable. This leads more gear manufacturers to leverage engineering thermoplastic materials that are more cost-effective and easier to process than metal.

Envalior’s Stanyl® PA46 is a high-strength aliphatic polyamide trusted by manufacturers of automotive actuator components for more than 20 years. The material delivers best-in-class stiffness and durability performance at both moderate and high temperature levels, enabling gear suppliers to optimize final parts for under-the-hood conditions and deliver on customers’ strict design specifications. Our portfolio of thermoplastics for actuator gears also includes Akulon®, a cost-effective material well-suited for intermediate performance requirements and EcoPaXX®, a bio-based, tough and durable polyamide for applications requiring very high dimensional accuracy.

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High performance plastics in automotive actuator application

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