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High Performance Plastics for Constant Velocity Joints

The Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) boot is an essential part of the car’s driveshaft system – supplying power to the wheels. The inboard CVJ boot in particular has to cope with tough operating conditions – which is why our Arnitel TPC is ideal for Cr-rubber replacement. It reduces weight, cost and carbon footprint by up to 30%. The CVJ boot faces have to cope with extreme turning angles at temperatures ranging from -45 °C to 140 °C while being pounded by stones, salt, dirt, water and grease. A hole in the boot can be disastrous if grease leaks out - which is why you need tough and durable materials that assure it performs for the entire 150.000 km warranty: Arnitel.

The outboard CVJ boot has already gone through the transition from traditional Cr-rubber to TPC. Now it’s the turn of the inboard CVJ boot (close to the engine). And our solution is Arnitel TPC – a very tough, flexible thermoplastic.

Boots are getting smaller and smaller. Years ago the average TPC-boot weight was 70 grams; now it’s 40 grams or less. Whereas typical Cr- boots weigh around 100-120 grams. Arnitel enables designers to meet new compact boot specifications and provide a wide range of benefits:

A 60 gram-mounted Arnitel boot is 40% lighter and 15% cheaper than a 100 gram CR-Boot. Yet… it lasts three times longer.

An Arnitel boot allows 30% regrind with better heat resistance; double the puncture resistance; and ten times the ozone resistance. All this while being faster to produce and hazard-free with no chlorination.

Our solution is also far more sustainable. Lower weight equals lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions. In fact using Arnitel for boots instead of Cr-rubber will realize a reduced carbon footprint equal to 30%

Looking ahead, Arnitel helps address several growing trends in CVJ boots. The material’s heat resistance means that heat shields are no longer needed (saving weight and money). Plus, the adaptability of plastic means that the adaptor ring inside the boot can be consolidated into one single component.

For drivers, there’s the continuing need for higher performance at sharp turning angles, as well as the issue of simple enjoyment: Another great advantage of Arnitel is that we offer silent solutions that don’t squeak – increasingly important for a new generation of quiet, electric cars.

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