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High Performance Plastics for e-drivetrain

Electrical insulation applications must be made from materials that can withstand the harshest temperatures and conditions over an extended period.

End laminates

End laminates play a key role in the demanding e-vehicle’s motors – acting as insulators that separate the copper wire windings from the steel rotor parts.

The laminate must be able to withstand the most extreme conditions – including severe overload and motor-block that sends temperatures soaring to 250°C and higher. Failure of the laminate can result in permanent motor failure.

Enter Stanyl polyamide 46 - the only high-performance thermoplastic that meets this challenge, with an HDT of 290°C and high crystallinity to survive high wire peak temperatures and maintain its insulation properties at these extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, Stanyl offers exceptional ductility and flow coupled with excellent mechanical properties. Walls as thin as 0.4mm thickness can be molded more easily while retaining the toughness needed to cope with typical high-speed assembly processes. Alternative materials like PPS and PPA are prone to brittle failures and cracking…which results in high reject rates.

Coil insulation

Next-generation materials can make a major difference to coil performance.

Polyamide 46 grades like Stanyl provide outstanding coil insulation and overmolding, plus better flowability and processing versus PPS and PPA. Furthermore, you can build better performing coils with lower wall thickness and thus less induction losses and potentially more windings. This also leads to more freedom of choice in coil length or specific torque; and lower voltage peaks and high nominal voltage or better efficiency.

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