In tight design spaces or higher torque comfort actuation systems, using PA66 or POM plastic materials for gears can lead to failures such as premature tooth wear, deformation, creep or fractures. By using advanced material solutions such as Stanyl®, automakers reduce the chance of failure while creating opportunities for system size reduction, weight savings, and reduced costs.

Understand why Stanyl® PA46 is trusted in comfort actuators

For comfort & convenience vehicle systems, actuator design needs to offer high torque and durability performance, compact design, lightweight and often low noise operation. Envalior’s Stanyl® PA46 is a high-strength aliphatic polyamide trusted by manufacturers of automotive actuator components. The material delivers best-in-class stiffness and durability performance at both moderate and high temperature levels, enabling gear suppliers to optimize final parts and deliver on customers’ strict design specifications.

In addition, Stanyl gears offer:

  • Smaller gears enable system size-reduction
  • With the same performance as larger POM or PA66 gears
  • Weight reduction
  • Creating potential for cost savings

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