Arnitel VT — A breakthrough technology to meet the highest protection levels

Material solution offers an unrivalled breathable bacterial and viral barrier in disposable medical gowns

Healthcare professionals are occupationally exposed to infectious diseases while working in a variety of different workplace settings, including hospitals, medical and dental offices, clinics, and emergency response settings. Physicians, nurses, technicians and clinical laboratory workers all want to be protected from exposure to infectious diseases.

When healthcare professionals come into contact with infected patients, they want to know the protective clothing they wear will keep them safe from infectious diseases. They need to stay healthy, so they can treat and care for patients that are ill. It’s inevitable that there will be more demand for material solutions that offer the highest level of protection.

There is a breakthrough technology—Arnitel VT—that offers the highest protection level, along with comfort, in disposable medical gowns and drapes. Arnitel VT is a unique portfolio that will ensure medical professionals wearing gowns made out of this material are protected from exposure to infectious diseases.

Meeting the highest protection level standards

The membranes of Arnitel VT meet the highest standards of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and also the European standard EM13795. The AAMI has classified medical gowns from Level 1 to Level 4, according to the protection levels against bacteria and viruses (the highest being Level 4). Like AAMI, the European Standard EM13795 classifies medical gowns according to protection levels, plus, how comfortable the gowns are.

Gowns and drapes that contain the thermoplastic elastomer Arnitel VT meet Level 4. The material solution is extruded as monolithic membranes to a few microns and subsequently laminated to fabric, making it a breathable. Arnitel VT membranes contain no perforations, but allow the passage of moisture vapor through its molecular backbone.

When made with Arnitel VT, disposable medical gown fabric is a three layer structure with the Arnitel VT monolithic impervious membrane enclosed between two spun bond fabrics made of continuous fine Polypropylene filaments. The inner fabric is treated to make it soft and comfortable and an outer fabric is treated to give it additional strength and repellency.                                                     

Arnitel VT can typically be processed like any thermoplastic polymer in a three zone single screw extruder through either direct or extrusion coating, casting or blown film production. Due to its high melt viscosity, it does not require any carrier films for support. Rheology of the Arnitel VT can be tuned to the process and even 5 micron film production is not a  problem. Arnitel VT is also is 100% recyclable.

To learn more about Arnitel VT, or to request test samples, contact us or visit plasticsfinder.envalior.com for additional information, including technical data sheets. 

Sanjay Mathur

Business Development Manager

Published on

11 March 2020


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Arnitel VT in medical gowns and drapes - 100% barrier to bacteria and viruses


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Sanjay Mathur

Business Development Manager

Sanjay Mathur has a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry and more than 26 years of experience in business and application development. He is a member of BIS sectional committee TXD 36 for Technical Textiles for Medtech Applications.

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