Supporting customers to provide materials solutions configured to processes and success

From electronics to automotive to consumer goods, you will find advanced materials specifically configured for you, your processes, and your success at Envalior. By helping you optimize material processing for your applications, not only will you have an outstanding product, but you will also know you are making the product in the most efficient way.

At Envalior, our polymer pellets are used by many manufacturers of commercial and consumer products and accessories. Whether your needs are in automotive and medical applications, electronics, or building and construction, you will receive carefully prepared and customize advanced materials solutions. Our products will meet and exceed your application needs, whether you perform injection molding, blow molding, or profile extrusion.

As a Envalior manufacturing partner, your processes, needs and desires will be our top priority and you will benefit from our global team’s expertise in polymer processing. We know our materials and how they behave, and will work with you to ensure that your processes optimize the properties of our materials solutions.

You can create the high-quality products your customers expect because we provide you with the highest quality advanced materials. Inside each and every one of our polymer pellets are the ingredients, such as reinforcement fibers and UV stabilizers and their microstructure, to create the raw materials solution your application requires.

Optimized material processing for your applications

With your success as our goal, we will collaborate with you to analyze and optimize your manufacturing process Your input will ensure that you receive exactly what you need every time, no matter how precise the requirements or how demanding the application.

Some of your applications, for example, may need to withstand harsh chemicals or very high temperatures.

Consider the components within an automotive turbocharger. A major automobile manufacturer recently needed a new material to replace a thermoset rubber duct. This customer benefitted from a new thermoplastic copolyester that possessed the flexibility necessary to create the duct’s complex shape, as well as the strength to tolerate peak temperatures of up to 180°C. It also significantly reduced the weight, cost and design complexity of the vehicle’s turbocharger system. Only optimized processing can manifest those ultimate properties that the material carries.

Also, consider connectors. Fast-charging smart devices are increasingly important to consumers. USB-C connectors rapidly restore electronic battery life, yet these cables can create a fire hazard if manufacturers select low-performance insulating plastics. Our best-in-class high performance polyamide features outstanding thermal and electrical properties and processing characteristics engineered for demanding electrical and electronic applications. And we continue to optimize our material solutions for manufacturing next-gen electronics that process higher power levels and meet thinnovation trends.

We’re prepared to partner with you through every stage of developing electronic devices that give your customers peace of mind, outperform the competition, and help you drive new business.

You will benefit from our reliable, versatile and sustainable thermoplastics. No matter how big or how small your company needs are, from electronic connectors that are just a few hundred microns in size to consumer products such as fully formed thermoplastic chairs weighing upwards of 2 kg., you can turn to us to help you meet end-consumer expectations for excellent quality.

Increase your efficiency and deliver superior products

We can help you reduce your operational costs, increase efficiency and deliver superior products when you partner with us. We constantly evolve our advanced materials solutions with our customers in mind, so your product can be a success.

You will benefit from a dedicated teams of industry experts, scientists and engineers who will work closely together with you to ensure the material for your project meets and/or exceeds your application’s needs. Plus, our application development engineers will work with you to anticipate, identify and solve challenges in the early stages of a project, ensuring your success down the line from the very beginning.

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Frank van der Burgt, PhD

Secondary technology expert at Envalior

Frank is part of the advanced engineering group within Envalior, Research & Technology. He joined Envalior in 2006 and held positions in polymer characterization and research and development. Frank received his PhD in 2002 on the topic of polymer crystallization in the Chemical Technology department of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Published on

25 May 2022


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