Evansville plant modernization showcases Envalior’s commitment to innovation

Innovation is in Envalior's DNA—Our commitment to innovation can be found at the renovation and modernization of our Brighter Evansville plant in Evansville, Indiana. The project incorporates new equipment and procedures. These innovations ensure that customers will receive the highest quality, purest raw materials. 

Envalior's commitment to innovation can be found at the modernization project of our Brighter Evansville plant in Evansville, Indiana. The project incorporates new equipment, procedures, and workflows.

The renovation and modernization project also includes state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, all monitored by advanced digital controls. In addition to the utmost in quality control, the investments made at the Evansville plant provide manufacturing flexibility to ensure security of supply across many of our product lines.

Automated processes and a digital control system allow the operations staff at the plant to monitor the entire extrusion process in real-time. The system will identify any issue that arises in the process and notify the operations team so issues can be addressed immediately.

Envalior’s focus on innovation drives the speed at which we can respond to your needs. We are aware that our customers want samples and prototypes, and feedback on any issues quickly. Envalior provides the speed, responsiveness and nimbleness that you need.

Operability and maintainability have been a large part of our design focus at the Evansville plant modernization. The equipment and processes we have invested in, from the advanced bagging and palletizing equipment to the enhanced efficiency of our extrusion lines, are designed to help our people do a better job for you. The new systems eliminate many previously manual or physical tasks. This shifts the focus of our operations team so that we can monitor our processes and make sure that our quality meets and exceeds your expectations.

Plus, Envalior’s corporate-wide commitment to sustainability means that all the new equipment and workflows at Evansville combine technology with sustainability. Our processes had already been well-automated and efficient, but we've taken it to a new level with our investment in digitization and high-precision equipment.

The Brighter Evansville manufacturing facility has been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility. It’s where innovation, communication, and dedication come together for our customers. Contact us to find out how it can benefit your company and your customers.

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07 September 2022


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U.S. plant modernization project celebrates milestone


Anna Dasher

Engineering Manager

Anna Dasher is engineering manager of Envalior’ Evansville, Indiana, plant. She joined Envalior in 2018 as a process engineer, then in 2019 became the ready to operate manager responsible for overseeing the planning, startup, and commissioning of the new equipment installed during the $59 million renovation and expansion of the Evansville plant. She became engineering manager In 2021, responsible for guiding the engineering team and ensuring timely development of innovative new projects. Anna is a graduate of University of Evansville.


Brad Osborne

Production Manager

Brad Osborne has more than 15 years of experience in the plastics production business. He earned his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Louisville in 2009 and also has an MBA from Indiana University. He joined Envalior as production manager in 2018. As production manager, Osborne facilitates the production and engineering teams at Envalior’s Evansville, Indiana plant. He also is a member of the plant leadership team to help determine the strategic direction of the plant.

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