Implementing more powerful electric motors with PA46

Ball bearings in electric vehicles (EV) must meet higher requirements than in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The trend towards more compact and lower weight electric motors operating at higher rotational speeds is reinforcing this. A material that offers higher stiffness and creep resistance than the usual PA66 and which is more cost-effective than PEEK is available for implementation. Plus, it offers high weldline strength, fatigue resistance and impact resistance.

Download the PDF to read the article and learn about strong ball bearings and smaller motors, including:

  • How electrification is affecting the EV powertrain from a design simplification perspective.
  • Why weight reduction is driving up material requirements and what materials will help you meet these requirements. 
  • Which materials are favored for ball bearings and bearing cages to overcome cage deformations and cage failures caused by high rotational speeds and centrifugal loads. 

At Envalior, we are evolving our material solutions to meet the demand for many EV applications, including ball bearings. Envalior’s Stanly® is the first high-temperature polyamide and the only aliphatic polyamide in its class. Thirty years ago it defined this class of materials and today it is still the most widely used polymer basis. The symmetry of the 46 structure ensures that the polymers fit in the crystal in multiple ways, thereby giving rise to high crystallization speeds and high crystallinity. This combination makes the material ideal for high-temperature applications due to excellent mechanics as well as wear and friction behavior.

Envalior’s Stanyl

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Adnan Hasanovic

Technical Manager

Adnan Hasanovic is technical manager for gear actuators at Envalior. In this global role, he focuses on tribological applications, such as gears and bushings, as well as structural applications for gear housings and covers. Adnan also supports global DEP activities in existing and new application areas. He joined Envalior after he completed studies of mechanical engineering. Before joining Envalior, Adnan worked as application development engineer and CAE engineer.

Adnan Hasanovic

Technical Manager

Published on

05 April 2024


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