Improving connector performance and sustainability with EcoPaXX®

Despite a challenging global economy, electronics and electrical industry leaders know consumers and investors will continue to demand more safe and sustainable products. Molex is no exception as they work to innovate their connectivity solutions. To support these efforts, Envalior recently worked with them to improve the performance and sustainability of some of the Mini50 Connection Systems by leveraging the unique material properties of EcoPaXX® bio-based polyamide 410.

EcoPaXX is a high-performance aliphatic, bio-based polyamide that uniquely balances the benefits of typical short and long chain polyamides. Because of its unique properties, it delivers superior moisture resistance, mechanical performance, and surface finish versus PA66.

Since it is made using 70% or more renewable sourced from the castor bean, it has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to traditional materials. In fact, when you combine the use of bio-based feedstocks, renewable energy and its recyclability, EcoPaXX has best-in-class carbon footprint versus other polyamides. 

EcoPaXX® Performance

  • Highest Tg and Tmelt of biobased polyamides
  • 30% lower moisture uptake vs. PA66 (% water uptake at 100% rel. humidity)
  • Highest stiffness after moisture uptake (conditioned tensile modulus GPa)

Mini50 Connection Systems offer up to 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors with sealed or unsealed Mini50 single- and dual-row receptacles, with smaller terminals to fit more low-current electrical circuits in interior transportation-vehicle environments.

Envalior makes it easy for customers to continue to advance more sustainable material solutions. By 2030, Envalior will offer a bio-based or recycled version of every material in its portfolio.

To learn more, visit envalior.com/EcoPaXX or contact us by visiting envalior.com/contact.

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Michelle Brand

Global Key Accounts Director

Published on

25 August 2020


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Michelle Brand

Global Key Accounts Director

Michelle Brand is a global key accounts director focusing in OEM Electronics at Envalior. She leverages more than 25 years of experience in advanced materials to help global manufacturers bring innovative products to market, overcoming design challenges in automotive, electronics and specialty industry applications. Prior to joining Envalior, she served in increasingly senior business development and marketing roles at Celanese. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Illinois State University and completed her MBA at Northern Illinois University.

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