Making outdoor power equipment lighter and more efficient

Although fuel-powered outdoor power equipment (OPE) is continuing to lead the market, and demand for outdoor power equipment is projected to grow to $26.1 billion by 2024, there is a growing consumer demand for more sustainable OPE products, which is driving the growth of electric alternatives.

According to the 2016 Husqvarna consumer survey, 65% of consumers who have a lawn would choose a landscaper who uses sustainable outdoor power equipment over one who does not, and 71% of consumers believe companies that choose sustainable outdoor power equipment should receive tax benefits.

To address this demand for sustainable lawn maintenance, gardening and commercial landscaping equipment, OPE manufacturers are leveraging material science to create products that are stronger, lighter and much more efficient than gas-powered equipment. 

Below are just a few of the benefits of utilizing sustainable materials to make OPE components:

Lightweighting—For a consumer or commercial landscaper, lightweighting equipment (replacing metal with thermoplastics) makes their job easier. For the manufacturer, the savings on shipping costs can add up when multiplied by thousands of units—it is no wonder manufacturers are looking at each OPE component to maximize weight savings opportunities.

Electrification—A major trend in the OPE market, electrification reduces the environmental impact of gas-powered outdoor power equipment. Also, it decreases the noise produced when consumers or landscaping crews use equipment, such as blowers and trimmers.

Product end of life—Advanced thermoplastics offer performance and sustainability since they are 100% recyclable.  

Advanced material selection

For years Envalior has partnered with the world’s leading outdoor power equipment manufacturers by offering a broad portfolio of advanced material solutions, plus application development expertise. Material solutions often used in outdoor power equipment components include:

  • Akulon® PA6/PA66—Akulon Fuel Lock leverages the unique properties of Akulon PA6 to create a thermoplastic solution for fuel tanks that is easier to process and provides a superior evaporative emissions barriers versus monolayer HDPE.
  • Arnitel® TPC—Arnitel combines hard and soft segments to deliver flexibility and strength, which  delivers properties similar to rubber in a fully recyclable thermoplastic.
  • EcoPaXX® PA410—EcoPaXX uses the properties of the castor bean to create a bio-based nylon with excellent mechanical performance, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance.
  • ForTii® PA4T/PPA—An ideal solution for metal replacement applications, ForTii leverages advanced polyphthalamide (PPA) chemistry with high amide density, creating a polymer with best-in-class strength, chemical resistance and heat resistance.
  • Stanyl® PA46--Stanyl is a proven solution for applications that demand a combination of mechanical strength and heat resistance. Its properties make Stanyl a popular material for complex systems.
  • Xytron™ PPS—An ideal solution for thermal management systems and other applications that demand long-term material performance, Xytron combines mechanical strength, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance with superior weldline strength.

To learn more about Envalior’s material solutions for outdoor power equipment, contact us. You can also learn more about the portfolio of materials solutions by downloading the white paper.

Peter Bogle

Senior Account Manager 

Published on

21 October 2020


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Advancing material science in outdoor power equipment

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Peter Bogle

Senior Account Manager 

Peter Bogle is a senior account manager for Envalior. He leverages 14 years of business-to-business development for the colorants and additives markets, along with seven years of strategic account management experience. Plus, he has 10 years of key account management and regional account management experience working with thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic polyurethane, and thermoplastic vulcanizate suppliers. He has a chemical engineering degree.

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