Part prototyping: Helping you achieve first-time-right while reducing costs and delays

Envalior’s global network includes access to prototyping services that meet our partners specific needs

Speed to market and lower costs are always rewarded in global markets. When designing and producing a new product, manufacturers have recognized that prototyping can be used to validate design solutions, enabling better decision making. This not only results in a more effective and efficient product development process, but also helps achieve first-time-right mass production tools. In short, it saves time and money. At Envalior, we will inform you about potential prototyping options, connect you with third-party providers and even act as an intermediary.

Speed to market and lower costs are rewarded in global markets. When designing and producing a new product, manufacturers have recognized that certain prototyping methods can increase speed and reduce cost and delays.

We can help you—our manufacturing partners—gain access to prototyping services that best service your specific needs. Besides offering you extensive materials knowledge, expertise in computer-aided design and engineering and industry-leading technical support, we also offer a network of companies that can provide prototypes from the simple to the fully functional. We will inform you about potential prototyping options, connect you with third-party providers, and even act as an intermediary.

In the plastics industry, there are several prototyping technologies available, each with their own characteristics and potential. Our activities generally involve two types of prototyping:

  • Plastic prototyping parts: These prototyped parts are a visual representation of a geometry. Often, plastic prototype parts are made using 3D printing technology. In most cases, the resulting parts are not functional prototypes. Still, 3D printed parts can be very valuable to get a visual assessment of what the final part will look like and to test the fit or the assembly process.
  • Plastic injected molded prototypes: These plastic parts are injection molded in a prototype mold. Properties of parts from such a “quick tool” approach those of production parts. This type of mold differs from a mass production mold in that it’s typically made of aluminum and doesn’t feature a cooling system. Therefore, cutting a prototype mold is relatively fast and inexpensive. It allows to produce series of functional prototypes—parts that have properties approaching those of parts made in a production tool.

Helping you with part prototyping every step of the way

Ultimately, part prototyping offers you another level of support. Whether you need a new part or a better part, Envalior and our partner companies are with you through the ideation phase, design and analysis of concepts, simulations, cost and performance calculations and manufacturing. It is one more example of how we strive to provide our partners with honest, objective and feasible solutions.

As always, in health care, automotive, consumer goods and many other industries, we are your solutions provider, not just a materials supplier.

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Frank van der Burgt, PhD

Secondary technology expert at Envalior

Frank is part of the advanced engineering group within Envalior, Research & Technology. He joined Envalior in 2006 and held positions in polymer characterization and research and development. Frank received his PhD in 2002 on the topic of polymer crystallization in the Chemical Technology department of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Published on

02 May 2023


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