Stanyl’s sustainable journey—Engineering Materials expands its portfolio with Stanyl® ECO & Stanyl® B-MB

Envalior is taking the next step in its sustainability journey in alignment with Envalior’s purpose-led performance-driven strategy, enabling a circular and bio-based economy. By 2030 our complete product portfolio will be available in a bio- and/or recycled based alternatives, and in line with that ambition we are now expanding our bio-based product portfolio of Stanyl® with Stanyl®ECO and Stanyl® B-MB (Biobased Mass Balanced).

Both bio-based solutions enable the transition from depleting fossil energy sources to utilizing renewable energy sources while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of our materials. By reducing our materials’ carbon footprint, we help our customers reduce their own carbon footprint.  

Stanyl embraces its sustainable journey via two material solutions options:

  • Stanyl ECO with bio measurable raw materials
  • Stanyl B-MB via biobased mass balancing

From a castor plant to Stanyl Eco

Combining the unique performance of Stanyl with biomass derived from castor plants is Stanyl ECO,  a new series of Stanyl with raw materials partially derived from castor oil. Stanyl ECO keeps the classic advantage of Stanyl on high flowability, high temperature toughness, wear and friction resistance, with high gloss surface appearance, dimensional stability and sustainability as new features. Stanyl ECO offers new choices to customers as part of Envalior portfolio solution that serves typical applications such as:  


  • SMT connectors and smart devices      
  • Appliances, kitchenware and cookware
  • Auto exterior and interior structures    
  • Metal replacement

Stanyl B-MB, a biobased mass balancing solution

Stanyl B-MB, a biobased mass balancing route solution, enables customers to lower their carbon footprint without having to requalify their applications as these material have exactly the same properties as the 100% fossil based alternatives. Our mass balancing approach is in line with ISCC+ standards, a globally recognized sustainability certification, and Stanyl B-MB will be provided with ISCC+ certificate.

There are three Stanyl B-MB* grades available to three major segments:

  • Stanyl® HGR3-W—a leading low wear and friction technology for combustion engine timing chain system—is the first Stanyl grade with B-MB raw materials
  • Stanyl® TS200F6 B-MB is a reliable technology for surface mount technology (SMT) and colorful input/output connector solution for consumer electronics
  • Stanyl® KS411 B-MB is a classic fiber grade for textiles as well as unique specialized industrial markets

If you would like to know more about our bio-based Stanyl grades, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our Stanyl webpages here.

*Carbon footprint and sustainable content details can be provided on request.

Leon Han

Global Product Manager

Published on

22 November 2020


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Leon Han

Global Product Manager

Wenyu (Leon) Han joined Envalior in 2017 as Global Product Manager. He has over 10 years of experiences in the plastics compounds industry. Leon had held several global roles in sales, marketing, product marketing, segment management and marketing director role at different companies and industries, including Celanese, GE Plastics (now SABIC) and Valspar Coatings. 

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