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Envalior introduces newest high-temperature PPA, ForTii® Ace, to the Outdoor Power Equipment market

Parsippany NJ, US, 18 Oct 2017 15:00 CEST

Royal Envalior, a global science­-based company active in health, nutrition, and materials, is introducing the next-generation high-temperature PPA, ForTii® Ace, to the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) industry. Envalior has long had a foothold in the OPE sector with a wide array of innovative engineering plastics. With this announcement, Envalior continues to bring high performance and durability to the OPE industry.

With pressure to meet changing government regulations and stay current with ever-evolving design, safety, and comfort innovations, OPE manufacturers are constantly in search of novel and revolutionary technology. Envalior is bringing that technology to the forefront of the OPE industry with their latest application of ForTii Ace.

ForTii Ace is a PPA based on C4 (PA4T) chemistry, which outperforms traditional polymers by remaining stable in temperatures up to 160°C and exhibiting high chemical resistance to substances such as gasoline and oil. The four-carbon chain contains the highest aromatic monomer content, at over 50%, yielding optimized crystallization morphology and high crystal modulus. These key composition features differentiate it from other PPAs currently in the market, and contribute to its superiority in extreme conditions.

New challenges, new solutions

Envalior’s ForTii Ace has already made an impact. A leading OPE OEM recently reported performance issues with their string trimmer, citing their current PA66-GF45 material as the cause. Searching for a more stable plastic at prolonged elevated temperatures, they met with Envalior engineers and discussed viable options.

Utilizing the commercially available ForTii Ace GF40 formula, ForTii Ace MX52, Envalior offered an improved alternative to the current material used to build the carburetor housing unit. The unique properties of ForTii Ace, including greater stiffness, low creep, and dimensional stability at high temperatures, made it the ideal material for meeting the manufacturer’s specific needs. Set to launch in early 2018, the renovated string trimmers feature ForTii Ace as the material in the carburetor insulation wall.

Envalior’s engineering plastics are a key material in the OPE market,” said Dan Hilfiker, Global Growth Manager, OPE. “Akulon® Fuel Lock has made an environmental impact by reducing evaporative emissions in small engine fuel tanks. With the introduction of ForTii Ace, we are bringing a new level of technology to the industry with a material that remains stable in very high temperatures. ForTii Ace has the potential of being utilized for many more applications in the OPE sector in the future.”

Cost savings at all levels

ForTii Ace allows for an overall system cost reduction for the manufacturer by simplifying the production process of the string trimmer. ForTii Ace also matches the previously used polyamide in terms of mold shrink rate, cycle time, and overall processability. This allows molders to utilize their existing equipment, resulting in additional cost savings. Consumers will also see increased value through higher performance and extended product life. Environmentally, improved engine efficiency and reduced fuel consumption will result in fewer emissions, helping to meet updated regulations.

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