Press release

Envalior announces price increases for its Akulon® portfolio in Europe

Singapore, SG, 01 Nov 2017 11:00 CET

As a global leading supplier of engineering thermoplastics, Envalior’s long term position is to maintain sustainable solutions which create ongoing value for customers. This mission includes the continued investment in new product development, capacity expansion and increased global R&T support to support customer innovation. In addition, Envalior continues to pursue and implement cost savings targeted at stabilizing the impact of raw materials.

Due to rising feedstocks and strong global demands, Envalior is increasing the price for its polyamide 6 & 66 compound portfolio by 300 €/T.

These increases are necessary to ensure the high level of service and quality customers demand of a leading supplier of engineering plastics. The increases will take effect for all orders shipped on or after 1 November 2017, or follow as contracts allow.

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Jos van Haastrecht

Global Director Communications & External Affairs
Envalior Materials
+31 6 2096 3786