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Envalior partners with Axis Communications to develop biobased camera housing, enabling Axis to increase use of renewable/biobased materials to lower environmental impact

Geleen, NL, 13 December 2022 10:00 CET

Envalior today announces it has supported Axis Communications, an industry leader in network video, which offers products and services for video surveillance and analytics, access control, intercom, and audio systems, to deliver camera components made with EcoPaXX®, a high-performance polyamide, which is made from renewable castor bean oil.

Last year, Axis Communications launched three products containing renewable biobased plastics: AXIS P3818-PVE, AXIS Q1656 and AXIS Q1656-LE. Delivering exceptional video quality even in poor light conditions, AXIS Q1656 is the company’s first product series containing the biobased plastic EcoPaXX®.

This high-performance polyamide is ideally suited for industries with a strong drive for sustainability. It combines a low carbon footprint with excellent performance and aesthetics. EcoPaXX® is a high-performance aliphatic, biobased polyamide that uniquely balances the benefits of typical short and long chain polyamides, such as low moisture uptake and high mechanical performance. It has wide applicability and is especially popular as a PA66 performance booster since it can be processed in the same tools.

For Axis Communications, utilizing EcoPaXX® is an important step towards minimizing the use of fossil fuels. “We see the use of biobased materials has an important step in the transformation to a world less dependant on fossil fuel,” says Carl Trotzig, Director of Quality & Environment at Axis.

Envalior has developed a wide range of engineering materials over the years to help its customers in support of a sustainable, low-carbon circular economy and has committed to making available bio- and/or recycled-based alternatives for its entire portfolio by 2030. These circular materials help to de-fossilize the economy and society, reduce plastic waste and carbon footprint, and meet changing legislative and end-consumer demands as part of its SimplyCircular™ initiative.

“We are happy Axis choose EcoPaXX® for their camera components as a proven sustainable solution for the future. A global cooperation with development and manufacturing support in different continents shows true partnership,” says Niels Hegge, European Product Manager of EcoPaXX®.

Thanks to its unique properties, EcoPaXX® Q150-D and Q-DWX6 offers great surface appearance/aesthetics, heat resistant up to 150°C, high dimensional stability, impact performance up to minus 30°C, and UV resistance under a polycarbonate dome.

To find out more, visit www.Envalior.com/ecopaxx.


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