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Learn about the advantages of using advanced thermoplastics to manufacture cobots—visit Envalior’ booth at IREX 2022

Geleen, NL, 3 March 2022 9:00 CET

Envalior will be exhibiting at IREX 2022, March 9-12, and showcasing a one-stop shop of high-performance polymer solutions to help solve the challenges the next-gen industrial collaboration robot manufacturers are facing. Envalior’s thermoplastics are ideal for injection molding processes used to produce parts that ensure cobots are more cost-effective, lighter, safer, faster and more energy efficient. Envalior’s portfolio of material solutions is ideal for producing structural supports, gear drives, e-motors, sensors, connectors, cable jackets, grippers and more. Envalior’s support in plastic part design, prototype testing and validation and the optimization of mass part manufacturing ensures the shortest possible time to market.

Manufacturers that want to make cobots safer for human collaboration and enable devices to operate faster by improving actuation energy efficiency need to look no further than Envalior’ thermoplastics. Envalior‘s material solutions are specially engineered to replace metal without compromising the mechanical performance of end-parts. With their high flow and outstanding processing capabilities, advanced thermoplastic materials are optimized for injection molding processes that allow weight reduction of parts by 20 to 30%

Manufacturers attending the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2022, March 9-12, at Tokyo Big Sight East, can visit Envalior’s booth, located at E1-13@East Hall 1, and experience a one-stop shop of high-performance polymer solutions. Envalior’s booth will showcase:  

  • Cobot mock-up using DEM’s high-performance polymers
  • Cobot arms created by DEM’s high performance polymers (injection molded and thermoplastic composite)
  • Various cobot parts, including strain wave gearbox components, plastic circular spline, etc.
  • Noise comparison of structural gearbox components: metal vs. plastic 

Masaki Kakizawa, Application Development Manager at Envalior, will present a seminar on Friday, March 11, from 13:30-14:10 (JST) about how advanced materials can lightweight and make safer cobots. 

Supporting customers during the transition to plastic

Investing in materials that are not well-suited to design specifications or production processes can lead to additional design cycles that result in financial losses and product launch delays. Envalior can find the materials best suited for cobot application needs, and its portfolio of material solutions is ideal for producing structural supports, gear drives, e-motors, sensors, connectors, cable jackets, grippers, and more.

  • Envalior’s Xytron™ PPS and ForTii® PPA materials are well-suited for producing reliable cobot structural parts. Costly and heavy aluminum solutions can be retired.
  • Stanyl® PA46 and EcoPaXX® PA410 solutions drive substantial weight and cost savings in cobot gear drive system applications. With its inherent soft touch, temperature resistance and flexibility, Arnitel® TPU is ideal for producing bumpers, cable jackets and grippers.
  • Our solutions for cobot connector manufacturing include Stanyl® PA46, Akulon® PA6, and Arnite® PBT. All these materials provide high resistance to heat during reflow soldering, and excellent mechanical strength in thin-walled designs. They are also used to design sensors, as they offer outstanding electrical endurance and tight tolerances to prevent dust, moisture or chemical contamination.

Biobased materials that help to lower carbon footprint

Cobot manufacturers that offer more eco-friendly solutions stand to gain a significant competitive advantage because product sustainability increasingly drives purchasing decisions. Envalior has committed to developing and rolling out bio- and/or recycled-based equivalents for its entire portfolio by 2030; specific grades are already available for all major product lines. 

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