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Envalior Makes its North American Debut at NPE 2024

  • New company Envalior is accelerating the future of new mobility and advanced electronics and electrical applications with innovative, safer, and lightweight solutions showcased at NPE 2024, May 6-10, 2024, in Orlando, Florida (Booth S35081).
  • Envalior offers an impressive broad portfolio of sustainable and high-performance Engineering Materials, including PA6, PA66, PBT, PA410, PA4T PPA, PA46, TPC, PET, PPS and composite materials.

Orlando, May 6, 2024 – Envalior, a new global engineering materials company, debuted its sustainable and high-performance engineering materials portfolio for the first time at NPE 2024: The Plastics Show, May 6-10, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, USA (Booth S35081 - South Expo Hall Level 1).

Founded in April 2023, Envalior brings together two former complementary industry leaders — DSM Engineering Materials and LANXESS High Performance Materials. With a 100+ year heritage, deep knowledge, and expertise in the engineering materials space, Envalior designs and develops solutions that are smarter, stronger, safer, lighter, and more sustainable. These solutions are used across multiple industries, including automotive, E/E, consumer goods, medical, building and construction, food packaging solutions, and more.

Envalior’s global presence spans across various continents with a network of more than 4,000 employees located across 18 production sites, 14 R&D centers, and multiple sales and distribution offices. In the Americas, the company continues to market expansion efforts with a robust structure that includes R&D, sales and production facilities across the USA, Mexico, and Brazil.

At NPE 2024, Envalior showcased a wide range of automotive components, including a hydrogen fuel tank liner that exceeds widely used thermal stability safety standards and a lightweight high-voltage battery housing that eliminates the need for heavy structural elements. The company also presented multiple non-automotive applications including sustainable clothing and athletic shoes, medical supplies, building and construction materials, and consumer goods.

Some of the applications highlighted at the Envalior booth include: 

Hydrogen Tank Liners Engineered with Akulon® Fuel Lock and Durethan®: Automotive and transportation industry leaders need to meet increasingly stringent carbon emission regulations imposed by governments, as well as rising consumer demand for affordable zero-emission vehicles. A long-standing barrier to increasing the adoption of hydrogen vehicles is the weight and cost of their pressurized fuel tanks – which are typically made of steel or aluminum and limit a vehicle’s range and load capacity. Tank liners made with Akulon® Fuel Lock and Durethan® (BC550Z DUSXBL) provide an excellent barrier with very low gas permeation. With these materials, manufacturers can replace metal hydrogen tank materials with an engineered thermoplastic that helps them simplify designs, reduce part weight and lower production costs. 

High-Voltage Battery Enclosures Made of Tepex® Dynalite and Durethan®: The materials used to make electric vehicle battery housings play a key role in passenger safety. To focus on safety and performance of EVs, engineers need to use a material that enhances thermal stability of batteries, prevents thermal runaway, and mitigates the risk of fire or explosion. Envalior tested a new composite under the Tepex® Dynalite brand, which is ideal for components inside an EV battery. The composite, with very low-test specimen thicknesses, passed the standard thermal runaway tests for EV battery housings. Durethan® (B24CMH2.0) is a strong, high-tech thermoplastic optimal for battery enclosures.

Sustainable Sports Shoes Engineered with Arnitel®: Footwear and athletic equipment producers are under pressure to meet the demand for sustainable products that don’t compromise on quality and performance. Envalior will display its Arnitel®, a thermoplastic copolyester material adaptable to various foaming techniques. Also, Envalior’s Tepex® advanced composite materials is another engineering material that is expected to be utilized in new "TOP BRAND" models in 2025. Arnitel® offers a unique product portfolio for various foaming technologies, which offer the possibility to achieve best-in-class rebounds and comfort in combination with longer life vs PEBA.

High-Quality Water Meters Engineered with EcoPaXX®, Durethan®, ForTii® and Xytron™: To gain a competitive edge, manufacturers need to proactively accelerate brass replacements, identify safe, sustainable, and reliable drop-in solutions, and improve contingency plans by leveraging trusted materials. Envalior materials demonstrate best-in-class hydrolysis resistance, moisture uptake, weldline strength and dimensional stability that enhance part reliability in use and assembly. Material solutions include: EcoPaXX® (a bio-based, sustainable alternative), Durethan® (ideal for applications requiring high strength, wear resistance, thermal stability and good electrical insulating properties), and ForTii® and Xytron™ (optimized for hot water applications and offering superior weldline strength after aging in 95°C to 110°C water compared to PPA and PPS competitors).

Durable and Strong EV Bearings Engineered with Stanyl®: Electric vehicle bearings engineered with Stanyl® PA46 material, which provides stiffness at high temperatures and offers unique advantages in mechanical performance and cost-effectiveness. Motors can run up to 30,000 rpm and more to offer the best driving experiences in NEVs. At such high rotation speeds, the performance of the bearings and the use of bearing cages becomes a challenge. Stanyl PA46 outperforms any PA66 or ceramic solutions in mechanical performance and any PEEK alternative in terms of cost.

About Envalior
Envalior is a global leader in Engineering Materials with over 4,000 employees worldwide. It was established in 2023 through the merger of Lanxess Performance Materials and DSM Engineering Materials. With a long track record of customer-driven innovation, Envalior specializes in developing sustainable and high-performance material solutions. Focus markets include Automotive, New Mobility, Electronics & Electrical, and Consumer Goods. For more information, visit www.envalior.com.

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