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Prevent costly EV battery recalls with Stanyl® (PA46) SuccinoNitrile (SN)

In the world of battery-powered vehicles, today lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) are the preferred solution due to their higher output and energy density. 

LiB cells are the basic building blocks of a battery. The cells contain the electrodes, separator and electrolyte and are stacked together inside a housing. Since the electrolyte is highly flammable, LiBs and the materials used in battery modules and packs, must meet very high safety standards. This to prevent short circuits, or leakages that could potentially lead to fires or explosions.

One way to improve the safety of LiBs is to add SuccinoNitrile (SN), an electrolyte additive, delivering a reduction of harmful gas generation, protecting the cathode and hence reducing the risk of thermal runaway as well as increasing capacity retention of batteries.

Join our webinar and learn from our experts how to meet the high safety standards and improve the overall EV battery performance.

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