Arnitel® XG

  • Good UV, sebum and chemical resistance as well as excellent production consistency
  • Allows vibrant and very light colorful products with elegant design and the ability to retain a silky look and feel
  • Entirely halogen free and flame retardant option to PVC

Explore Arnitel® XG

Arnitel XG is a high-performance ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC) that offers a unique combination of flexibility, high-temperature resistance and strength, plus excellent processing characteristics for applications in industries ranging from automotive to E&E. For AC and DC cable applications, Arnitel XG  is increasingly being used as a lighter, smarter, greener alternative to conventional rubbers, reducing environmental impact and ultimately, system costs.

Most popular Arnitel® XG grades


Featured applications

AC Cables

Electronics | Desktops / PCs

AC UL jacket is for the American standard markets, whereas the AC EU jacket is suitable for (low smoke) EU markets. The AC insulation solutions are the most robust in class. The AC Power Plug utilizes the optimum performance of the jacket materials with injection molding characteristics.

DC Cables

Electronics | Desktops / PCs

DC Cables are generally used for standard electronics charging systems, like adapters. The latest designs can also be used for USB-C charging, leading to much thinner cables than AC with similar charging and safety characteristics.

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