Co-Polymer PA6/IPDI & PA6/66

Envalior's PA6 Co-Polymer based materials are suitable for food-contact films, multi layer films and filament applications.

Explore Co-Polymer PA6/IPDI & PA6/66

Our Co-Polymer grades possess the typical properties of polyamide, such as a high abrasion resistance and toughness while displaying a high tensile strength and elongation. As with all polyamide, ours have a good barrier effect against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and aroma substances which is important for food packaging applications. In addition, many grades in our portfolio are in compliance with the regulations concerning food contact; both for direct contact and in composite layer structures.

  • For the production of PA/PE multi layer films by blown film coextrusion
  • High transparency
  • Good thermoforming properties
  • Non-nucleated grades for the embedded layer of PA for use in blown film coextrusion
  • Nucleated and lubricated grades for the outer layer of PA in blown film coextrusion

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