ForTii® in automotive electronics

Electric, connected and autonomous vehicles are already part of our everyday mobility experience, and the technologies utilized will continue to evolve.

  • High weldline strength for shock resistance
  • High RTI Rating (Str & elec140C)
  • Only ONE PPAs enabling JEDEC 1 (ForTii Ace)

Explore ForTii® in automotive electronics

ForTii and next generation high temperature polyamide ForTii Ace, with concrete track records in automotive interconnect, electrical control units, high voltage connectors and sensors, etc., enable design in harsh environments or consolidations of multiple functionality. Complying with VDE approval and high CTI(>800V)/RTI(140C) UL certifications in its flame retardancy portfolios, ForTii demonstrates excellent shock resistance and mechanical strength after conditioning. To escape from the risk of electro corrosion, ForTii Ace, with the highest glass transitions temperature (160°C) among PPAs, intrinsically withstands long-term high-temperature heat ageing without a heat stabilizer.

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ForTii® - the PPA with power

ForTii is a platform of high performance semi-aromatic polyamides (PPA) based on the unique “C4” diamine technology that enables best-in-class mechanical properties due to the optimized crystallization morphology.

In addition, ForTii offers a unique balance of properties, including excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead free reflow soldering, and the highest stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures. 

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