ForTii® in food & drinking water contact

ForTii and ForTii Ace compounds with global drinking water certifications including KTW, NSF61, WRAS, ACS, and EU and FDA food contact regulations. Key features include:

  • High weldline strength and weldline strength retention in hot and wet conditions
  • High mechanical performance below and above Tg
  • Good esthetics

Explore ForTii® in food & drinking water contact

ForTii grades for food and drinking water contact were specifically developed for the most demanding applications. These grades have the hot water drinking water contact certifications from KTW, NSF61, WRAS and ACS, and meet the regulations for FDA and EU food contact. The materials, which have a 30-50 wt% glass fiber content, have proven superior retention of properties in long term water contact at 100°C and higher, have the highest HDT-A in their class and show very good chemical resistance.

The mechanical performance, surface finish and high weldline strength provide users in the water management and food contact industry with important advantages when designing parts. It allows for parts to have a better part reliability and/or thinner wall thicknesses. With EcoPaXX PA410, ForTii and ForTii Ace PPA, and Xytron PPS, Envalior is a full solution provider to the food and drinking water contact market.

Most popular ForTii® food & drinking water contact grades


Featured applications

ForTii® - the PPA with power

ForTii is a platform of high performance semi-aromatic polyamides (PPA) based on the unique “C4” diamine technology that enables best-in-class mechanical properties due to the optimized crystallization morphology.

In addition, ForTii offers a unique balance of properties, including excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead free reflow soldering, and the highest stiffness and mechanical strength at extreme temperatures. 

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