PBT - Pocan®

Pocan® is a high-quality brand of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and PBT blends crafted by Envalior. Pocan is known for its impressive resistance to heat and chemicals, outstanding electrical properties, strength and hardness. It is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, including automotive, electrical/electronics, lighting, household appliances, and sports & leisure.

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  • High heat resistance, strength, and hardness
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties, widely independent from temperature
  • Good chemical resistance and low tendency for stress cracking
  • Minimal moisture absorption and very good dimensional stability
  • Powerful elastomer-modified, and food contact approved grades
  • Excellent sliding properties and abrasion resistance
  • Unreinforced, glass fiber reinforced, and mineral-filled grades
  • Blends with acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylic ester copolymer (ASA) , Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polycarbonate (PC)
  • Specialties, optimized with regard  to flame retardancy (halogen and halogen-free),  hydrolysis resistance, tracking-resistance, laser marking and laser weldability

Pocan® portfolio highlights

Pocan E grades offer high tracking resistance

Especially for applications with a high need for miniaturization, such as connectors, our Pocan® E grades are well suitable. The Pocan E grades offer high tracking resistance (CTI A 600 / PLC 0) in combination with excellent long-term heat stability regarding electrical properties and good flowability. 

The PBT materials are available with different GF contents (e.g. Pocan B3225E (PBT GF20). Additionally, for parts operating in hot and humid environments we offer hydrolysis stabilized grades such as Pocan B3233HRE (PBT GF30 HR).

Furthermore, the Pocan® E-technology is available for several other Pocan® grades like the halogen-free flame retardant and hydrolysis resistant Pocan BFN4232HR (PBT-GF25-HR-V0).

Pocan XHR

The PBT product range Pocan XHR is proving a practical all-rounder regarding 

  • Benefits for thermal shock stresses
  • Excellent long-term temperature stability; high elongation at break
  • Improved chemical resistance, e.g. for use in suspension applications


Natural color

  • Light ivory, opaque


  • In addition to uncolored and black material, a series of special colors are also possible. 

Surface finish

  • High-gloss or textured, depending on mold surface

Abrasion resistance

  • Good


  • High, reinforced grades, tensile modulus up to 18,500 MPa

Impact and break resistance

  • High but notch-sensitive
  • Elastomer-modified grades have good low-temperature impact strength

Resistance to dynamic loading

  • High

Stress crack resistance

  • Good

Dimensional accuracy and stability

  • Good but not quite on the same level as amorphous thermoplastics


Heat resistance

  • High; depending on grade
  • Short-term peaks from 160 to 210 °C (GF grades to 240 °C), permanent service temperature: up to 140 °C

Chemical resistance

  • Good; particularly resistant to fuels, lubricants, solvents and cleaning fluids

Electrical insulation

  • Good
  • Good, dielectric strength: 20 to 35 kV/mm

Volume resistivity

  • Standard: 1E13 to 1E16 Ohm·cm

Comparative tracking index CTI

  • Rating 175 to 600


  • Easy flow, rapid solidification, fast cycles

Other properties

  • Low moisture absorption, low surface friction

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