Tepex® for Automotive

Tepex for Automotive

The automotive sector is facing increasingly strict requirements regarding fuel efficiency and weight reduction. This is particularly true for electromobility. All these requirements have to be met without compromising safety, performance and processing efficiency. Tepex® organo sheets provides material solutions for structural and semi-structural parts that bridge such apparent contradictions of weight reduction, structural performance and maximum energy absorption. For example, Tepex® is already used in underbodies, brake pedals, battery enclosure and front ends. Low processing cycle-times of Tepex® organo sheets enable cost efficient parts and reliable mass-production processes.


  • Possibility of functional integration by Hybrid Molding of the parts
  • Proven, efficient mass production processes with max. quality and robustness
  • Low density combined with high strength, stiffness and fatigue behavior
  • High impact resistance
  • No corrosion protection necessary
  • KTL capable
  • Not electrically conductive
  • Enables thin wall constructions