Tepex® for Consumer Electronics

Tepex for Consumer Electronics

Besides weight reduction, functional integration and enhanced robustness modern electronic devices demand individual design and aesthetic attractiveness in terms of optical and haptic appearance. Tepex® organo sheets with its superior strength-to-thickness ratio enable thin-wall structural applications for consumer electronics applications such as mobile phones and notebooks. These structural properties can be integrated in Tepex® materials with premium surface properties for visible as well as for coated surfaces.


  • Rating UL94-V0 Yellow Cards available for thicknesses between 0.5 – 2.2mm (UL IG file no.: E245249)
  • 1K, 3K or 12K (spread) Carbon fabrics available
  • Optional glass fabric core material enables higher economics
  • Optical appearance, textile patterns, thickness and fiber content continuously adjusted to our customers demands
  • Proven efficient mass production processes with max. quality and robustness like Hybrid Molding