Balancing barrier and permeation properties for numerous applications

Understanding how compounds with low molecular weight migrate across plastic is important for many applications. Barrier properties can be used to keep food fresher for longer, and permeation properties help keep surgeons cool and comfortable through long surgeries. Predicting the barrier and permeation behavior as a function of the material and the conditions for use is key to designing an effective part.

Our broad portfolio of materials includes plastics with excellent barrier and permeation properties for a wide variety of needs. Our Arnitel VT product combines liquid water barrier properties with high breathability (permeability to water vapor) for medical gowns that keep surgeons comfortable while protecting form fluids. In the food industry, we can keep food fresh for longer with plastic films that protect against oxygen crossing the barrier.

Akulon Fuel Lock has intrinsic high barrier properties against the low molecular weight components of today’s fuels. It eliminates the need for a barrier layer or surface coating in the small petrol tanks used on outdoor equipment. We support our customers through the design and production of all these barrier and permeation applications, including using CAE to determine minimal wall thicknesses.

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