Ensuring stable mechanical properties in the most challenging environments

One of the most challenging environments we work in is under the hood of a car. The parts used in these applications are subjected to high temperatures, broad temperature ranges and corrosive chemicals. Exposure to any of these can have deleterious effects on plastics, yielding reduced mechanical performance. It’s essential that we ensure the parts in these applications have stable performance, and limit degradation to guarantee part reliability.

Our broad portfolio of thermoplastics includes products with excellent chemical stability, whether they are exposes to oil, grease, strong acids, or water glycol. We have also developed products and technologies that enable our materials to perform well at continuous use temperatures that are 30-40°C above the industry standard. This gives OEMs and part manufacturers the peace of mind that their thermoplastic parts will deliver the performance required for the application in even the most challenging environments.

Our Diablo technology (Stanyl Diablo and Akulon Diablo), and Arnitel HT material have been specially developed to cope with long-term exposure to high temperatures. We test these materials in the lab at continuous use temperatures of 230°C for 5000 hours, with minimal degradation. These materials are ideal for the manufacture of parts such as integrated air inlet manifolds, charged air ducts and resonators.

Ask us today how we can ensure your thermoplastic parts perform in the most challenging environments.