Ensuring excellent look and feel for wearable technology

In some consumer electronics applications, key characteristics of the plastic material are haptics and aesthetics – how they look and feel. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are two examples where consumers expect an attractive appearance, and a comfortable feel against the skin. During the use of the product, consumers also expect the part to be stain and scratch resistant, and to have no discoloration from exposure to UV.

Our research teams have studied the haptics of our materials to develop special grades that are durable with excellent look and feel. Our Arnitel TPC product is ideal for straps on wearable technologies like fitness trackers due to its good color and UV stability, good surface finishing, excellent mechanical properties at low and high temperatures, and high-quality look and feel. Arnitel allows for the design of elegant products in a wide array of colors – from very light to vibrant hues. Available in a halogen-free flame retardant grade, it also demonstrates good resistance to sebum and chemicals, as well as excellent production consistency.

Ask us how we can help you design elegant wearables with excellent haptics and aesthetics.