Supporting you through your product’s life cycle analysis

When we talk about Bright Science, Brighter Living, one of the core ideas we’re expressing is our concern for sustainability. That’s why we have integrated green design into our business. One of the key competences that ensures we are efficient and effective is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

In Life Cycle Assessment, we look at the total impact a product has from cradle to grave. At Envalior, we do this evaluation focused on four key sustainability pillars: safety, eco-efficiency, renewable resources, and recyclability. This enables us to collect clear, measurable information about the entire environmental footprint of our solutions. It also makes it possible to provide customers with sound, reliable, primary data they can use to make their calculations, apply for certifications, validate marketing claims, and make sound business decisions in terms of sustainability.

LCA relies heavily on impartial measurement. That’s why we expertly monitor our operational impact on water, emissions, and other areas. As the industry deanded more extensive insight, data and standards in sustainability, our tracking and predictive abilities have rapidly evolved into a professional and respected LCA competence.

Ask us how we can support you through your product’s life cycle analysis.