Reducing vehicle noise to improve safety and the driving experience

Today’s cars are 90% quieter than cars from the 1970s, when vehicle noise first began to be legislated. OEMs are also increasingly focused on improving the driving experience. This requires the reduction or elimination of noise, vibration and harshness. Low-frequency road noise has been shown to induce driver fatigue, so improving acoustic control has become a key objective for car manufacturers.

NVH performance is a complex interaction between the design of the part, the material characteristics, and the environment surrounding the part. We can improve on NVH by optimizing the design, the material or a combination of the two. We have supported our customer through the design optimization of an oil pan in plastic, which resulted in a clear improvement over the traditional metal design. With another customer, we developed specific material solutions in Arnitel to prevent a squeaking noise under wet conditions in CVJ boots for significantly longer times in the field than competitive solutions. Ask us how we can help you reduced noise, vibration and harshness in your application.