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  • Vehicle electrification drives automotive trends while turbocharged engines get hotter

    At the NPE 2024 Plastics Show, Jose Chirino, Technical Director at Envalior was a panelist for the Automotive Industry Plastic Materials Update presented by Chase Plastics. Topics discussed included the latest polymer developments, key market trends, plastics that have the potential to transform the sector, and the importance of sustainability in material choices.

    Blog Event Consumer goods Sustainability Automotive
  • 5 takeaways from NPE 2024

    Envalior made its NPE 2024 debut in Orlando, Florida, May 6 -10, 2024. We revealed innovative applications at our booth, including a hydrogen fuel tank liner and a lightweight high-voltage battery housing. We also showcased sustainable clothing and athletic shoes, medical supplies, building and construction materials, food packaging solutions, and consumer goods.

    Blog Automotive Event Consumer goods Sustainability Building and construction EcoPaXX in food contact Medical
  • 5 Takeaways from Chinaplas 2024

    Envalior made its Chinaplas 2024 debut in Shanghai, April 22-26. We revealed innovative applications at our booth, including lightweight automotive components, energy storage connectors and inverters, a flying camera made of low density highly bio-based materials, and sustainable sports shoes.

    Blog Automotive Event Electronic & Electrical Consumer goods Sustainability
  • Innovative Materials for Lightweight EV Battery Enclosures

    As the electric vehicle (EV) share of the automobile market continues to grow, the new means of propulsion has created the need to take a fresh look at automotive design, engineering and manufacturing. The automobile industry is demanding lighter, stronger and safer products, and Envalior engineering materials experts are meeting those demands with innovative new materials.

    Blog Automotive
  • Predict moisture vapor transmission rate of several Arnitel® grades.

    Arnitel® material grades are frequently used in film applications that are permeable to water vapor or "breathable." For proper application designs, engineers want to be able to predict moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) for material grades and know how it affects material performance in specific applications. Our Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate Tool allows you to easily estimate the MVTR of a material you are considering.

    Blog Basic material property prediction Overall
  • Decrease EV battery damage risks when using Pocan®AF4130, a flame retardant PBT+ASA grade

    Engineering thermoplastics like PBT and PBT blends have potential for applications in the EV battery sector. Although PBT has been widely utilized in electrical and electronic automotive components, it may be challenging to find a material specifically for battery components. Certain requirements must be met, and so Envalior and Hella tailormade a material for BMU and CMU housings that is resistance to heat and chemicals.

    Blog Automotive Products
  • Implementing more powerful electric motors with PA46

    Ball bearings in EVs must meet higher requirements than in ICE vehicles. The trend towards more compact and lower weight electric motors operating at higher rotational speeds is reinforcing this. A material that offers higher stiffness and creep resistance than the usual PA66, and which is more cost-effective than PEEK, is available.

    Blog Gears & Actuation Lightweighting Stanyl
  • Three key takeaways from JEC World 2024

    During JEC World 2024 in Paris, Envalior revealed lightweight and flame-retardant composite applications for electric vehicles (EVs). Clemson University with partners Envalior, University of Delaware and Honda Development and Manufacturing of America, was one of three finalists for the JEC Composites Innovation Awards.

    Blog Event Automotive Sustainability
  • Decrease risk of battery housing fires when using our Tepex® composite, a lightweight sustainable material

    The materials used to make EV battery housings play a key role in passenger safety. To focus on safety and performance of EVs, engineers need to use a material that enhances the thermal stability of batteries, prevents thermal runaway, and mitigates the risk of fire or explosion. At Envalior, we tested a new composite under our Tepex® brand, which is ideal for components inside an EV battery.

    Blog Automotive Lightweighting Sustainability
  • Closing the electronics gap with an advanced PBT series offering outstanding tracking resistance

    In today’s landscape of electrical/electronics (E/E) components, the demand for plastic parts with superior tracking resistance is crucial. Yet, a comprehensive portfolio of glass-fiber-reinforced PBT compounds have not been readily available in the market in the past. Now, Envalior offers a PBT series designed to ensure the reliability, performance, and safety your products require to meet the increasing demands modern electronics place on materials.

    Blog Electronics Electrical

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