As a member of the 3beLiEVe Consortium, Envalior is helping build next-gen battery technology for the future European electric vehicle market

As the only material supplier member of the 3beLiEVe Consortium, Envalior is helping 3beLiEVe strengthen the position of the European battery and automotive industry in the future EV market by delivering the next generation of battery cells, designed and made in Europe for the electrified vehicles market of 2025 and beyond.

Started in January 2020, and schedule to end in June 2023, the mission of 3beLiEVe Consortium is to develop and demonstrate production of the next generation of high energy LNMO cells with sensors suitable for EV applications and compatible with a circular economy. Plus, demonstrate European manufacturing capability to cover the entire value chain from cell to system level.

Envalior is the only material supplier on the consortium, which is made up of 21 partners representing 10 European countries. With our material expertise and knowledge, we advise on material manufacturing processes and oversee mechanical simulations.

3beLiEVe project activities include:

  • The development of vehicle battery cells that are highly performant (target energy density 750wh/l, fast charge capability, long cycle life) and free of critical raw materials, like cobalt and natural graphite.
  • The development and integration of sensors into and onto the cells to enable smart, adaptive operating strategies and advanced diagnostics to extend the useful life of the battery in first and second life applications, plus, improve safety.
  • A manufacturing approach that is designed from the outset for a circular economy and industrial volumes. This encompasses green manufacturing processes for cell, module and pack, as well as recyclability assessment of the components, and a target lifecycle cost of 90 €/kWh at scale.

The project will deliver 250 cells of generation 3b in total and two demonstrator battery packs of 88 cells and 12 kWh capacity each at TRL 6 / MRL 8. These battery packs will demonstrate the 3beLiEVe technology performance for applications in light duty, including passenger cars and freight vehicles, and commercial vehicles, including city buses and trucks, in fully electric/plug-in hybrid (BEV/PHEV) configurations.

3beLiEVe technology is free of cobalt and natural graphite, scalable and sustainable, aiming at 12.7 GWh production by 2025, which is 7% of the global manufacturing capacity. All the technological domains and innovations addressed in 3beLiEVe are essential for strengthening the position of the European battery and automotive industry in the future market of EVs.

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Rob Demandt

Application Development Engineer E&E Envalior

Rob Demandt is an application development engineer of electronics and electrics for Envalior. Rob has 25 years of experience in materials related application development projects with E&E customers, of which 15 years at Envalior.