Finding the right plastic for demanding oil and gas applications

Petroleum engineers must overcome a multitude of challenges to meet rising global energy demands. These challenges include corrosive seawater, abrasive conditions (sand/rock), chemical exposure and severe fluctuating temperatures. We can enable you to meet and exceed the demands of oil and gas industry applications when using advanced materials solutions that offer robust performance in aggressive environments.

Today’s global oil and gas industry is no stranger to extremes. Operating in conditions ranging from the desert heat of the Middle East to the frigid depths of the Arctic Circle, engineers must overcome a multitude of challenges to meet rising global energy demands.

Partnering with you to develop next-gen material solutions

To meet and exceed the demands of such challenging applications, Envalior partners with its global customers across industries to develop next-generation material solutions.

The ForTii PPA® (polyphthalamide) portfolio enables engineers and designers to realize structural components with robust part performance over a large temperature range and in aggressive environments (e.g., salts, acids, coolants and mineral oils). ForTii PPA® is a high-temperature polyamide with a broad and versatile portfolio of grades that delivers high performance with a unique balance of properties.

The Xytron PPS™ materials family is an excellent choice with its unique combination of extreme hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance and weld line strength offers peace of mind for even the most challenging environments.

The preferred material science partner

Envalior offers a broad portfolio of advanced material solutions for the industrial markets. With laboratories, production, CAE, and application development support available around the globe, Envalior is the preferred material science partner of the world’s leading industrial equipment manufacturers and service companies. 

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Peter Schmieg

Sr. Application Development Engineer

Published on

24 May 2022


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Peter Schmieg

Sr. Application Development Engineer

Peter Schmieg is a Senior Application Engineer at Envalior. His area of expertise is metal to composite conversion developments for the Specialized Industries segment. Peter’s background is in mechanical engineering and he holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from the University of Detroit Mercy.

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