From planning to post-processing optimization, Envalior is with you every step of the way

As a solutions provider, Envalior’s service to you, our manufacturing partner, doesn’t end when we supply you with high-quality raw materials, or even when we create a part or component customized for your application. Post-processing optimization has always been a part of what we do to ensure our customers’ success, helping you achieve first time right.

Part creation is important, and we will share our extensive materials knowledge with you in the planning stages and production stages of a project. But the part must fit into the bigger picture of what you need to accomplish. That’s why Envalior steps up and continues to see you through the successful integration of components into parts, and parts into your finished products. Because post-processing solutions play a key role in achieving first time right, we can help to ensure the best possible result for post processing/secondary operations.

Your needs are varied and unique

As you might imagine, post-processing optimization is as varied as our customers themselves. That’s why we work with each of our customers, Tier1s and molders, to ensure that the maximum benefits are conveyed to them.

Often during post-processing, you may need advice about the best technologies. For example, many automotive applications increasingly call for parts that incorporate electronics and sensors. How those parts are assembled can be critical to the success, longevity, and sustainability of the finished part. Can the components be glued together?  If so, is that the best method, or should they be welded? For some parts, laser welding, which targets only very specific points with heat, may be the optimal method to bond the components without damaging sensitive electronics.

In other cases, parts or components may need to be painted or etched. As a Envalior manufacturing partner, you can rest assured that we will apply our extensive post-processing experience to ensure the best solution for your needs.

Offering you the best options for your post-processing needs

For our customers, we have a diversity of post-processing options to choose from, so you have the best possible result for post processing operations. We work together not only with our customers, but also with the suppliers of raw materials and technology, such as adhesives and fusion- and marking-equipment. We strive to stay on top of new breakthroughs and trends, so that we can always offer you the best options and highest quality materials.

When you work with Envalior, our full-time, global staff of scientists, engineers, and technicians becomes part of your team. Their expertise and experience add to the benefits of choosing Envalior as your partner, from the start of the process through post-processing optimization.

Throughout the parts design, creation, and optimization process, you can always count on Envalior to be your solutions and success provider, every step of the way.

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Published on

22 December 2022


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Leveraging thermoplastic expertise to optimize system designs


Frank van der Burgt, PhD

Secondary technology expert at Envalior

Frank is part of the advanced engineering group within Envalior, Research & Technology. He joined Envalior in 2006 and held positions in polymer characterization and research and development. Frank received his PhD in 2002 on the topic of polymer crystallization in the Chemical Technology department of the Eindhoven University of Technology.