Highlights from Advanced Materials Forum India/Southeast Asia

The Advanced Materials Forum (AMF) India/Southeast Asia, a 100% online forum about materials solutions, held on Thursday, June 25, featured a full day of educational sessions about material science, material trends and industry applications.

Attendees learned about the latest innovations in sustainable mobility, connectivity, safety and EMI shielding; PA46 in gears; fiber-reinforced thermoplastic materials; trends in automotive thermal management systems, sustainability trends in food and water contact applications; the future of mobility; material selection in the appliances segment, plus so much more. 

Below are some highlights from Envalior’s Advanced Materials Forum India/Southeast Asia.

Mobility trends, opportunities and risks

During the session the “Future of Mobility,” Wolfgang Falter, Partner of  Deloitte Consulting GmbH, discussed the risks, opportunities and trends for manufacturers, suppliers and plastics producers. Safer and cheaper transport of passengers or goods is the driving force towards more autonomous and shared vehicles. Also, electrification and use of electronics will increase proportionally. However, triggers, inflection and saturation points of electrification are difficult to predict. But one thing is certain, plastics will continue to benefit from the mobility trends.

“There are five trends—safer, cheaper, faster, better experience and greener,” said Falter. “If we look at normal conditions (without Coronavirus) we see that plastics benefit from these trends and will likely grow above vehicle growth rates in the future.”

Evolution of automotive materials solutions

During the session, “How Next Generation Materials will Allow OEMs to Develop Cars that are Cleaner, Safer and Smarter,” Marcus Reimers, Chief Technology Officer of Envalior, discussed the evolution of automotive materials solutions and how a future of uncertainty is affecting the automotive sector. The session focused on how cars are powered, the manufacturing of cars, and connectivity (electronics being  one of the biggest drivers of the automotive sector).

“It is important to embrace VUCA 2.0—you need to be Visionary, Understanding, Courageous, and Adaptive,” explained Reimers. “If you apply this along the entire value change, I think there is a way to play your cards well in the areas of autonomous driving, shared business and ownership models, and electronics.”

Reimers then discussed alternatives to internal combustion engine vehicles, such as electric and hydrogen power, and the materials solutions research being conducted in those areas. He also touched upon how connectivity links together the automotive and electronics sector and what type of materials properties are best for these applications. Last but not least, he discussed resource circularity and the need for recycling car components.

Material solutions for smart appliance components 

During the session “Consumer Trends and How This will Affect Material Selection in the Appliances Segment,” Gerald Wang, Business Development Manager For Envalior Southeast Asia, discussed the following case studies to show how trends are affecting what materials solutions are selected for certain applications:

  • Staying safe with smart home appliances
  • Gear failure when downsizing in small appliances
  • Difficulty in trade-offs between design, high temperature creep and aesthetic requirements

According to Wang, smart appliances have changed the way consumer uses appliances in general, what materials are best suited for smart appliance components, and the added safety aspect. “Increased electronics integration will drive more reflow soldering where PBT and PA6 cannot be used, plus there is more unattended usage of appliances,” said Wang. “With Akulon® SafeConnect PA66 we can focus on safety.”

Two wheeler applications and more

During the “Material Solutions for Two-Wheeler Technologies” session, Rajendra Joshi and Sanjay Singh, both Application/Business Development Managers, discussed key requirements and complexities in demanding two wheeler applications.

They also focused on electric two wheeler battery and motor components, weathering enhancement materials solutions, and more. According to Singh, solar radiation, temperature and moisture are primary weathering factors that materials solutions need to stand up to. Other weathering factors are pollutants, and biological and environmental stresses. Envalior offers an enhanced materials solutions portfolio, plus, application and industry know-how, along with technical support engineers available in each region.

Other topics discussed during the Advanced Materials Forum India/Southeast Asia included:

  • Understanding Why & How Thermoplastics React to Liquids in Automotive Applications
  • Material Challenges in New E-Mobility Electrical Systems
  • Material Solutions for Automotive Air Management Applications
  • Toward Large-Scale 3D Printing of Engineering Materials: PBT Powder Sintering
  • Light-Weighting: Optimizing Part Design via Reliable Lifetime Prediction of Thermoplastic Components
  • On the Road with High Voltage
  • Trends & Developments in Automotive Thermal Management Systems (TMS)
  • Expanding Functionality of Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Materials
  • Safe for Use and Sustainability Trends in Food & Water Contact Applications with Thermoplastics
  • PA46 Stanyl® in gears; expanding to low temperature applications
  • Sustainable mobility, connectivity, safety and EMI Shielding
  • How the Next Generation Materials Will Allow OEMs to Develop Cars that are Cleaner, Safer, Smarter
  • Pushing the Boundaries of Metal Replacement with High Tg Engineering Plastics
  • Making & Breaking the Electrical Power Distribution

To learn more about the presentations or connect with one of our subject matter experts, please contact us.

Candace Roulo

Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

Published on

25 June 2020


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Candace Roulo

Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

Candace Roulo is Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development for Envalior. Based in Troy, Michigan, she specializes in writing blogs and articles about advanced materials solutions. Prior to joining Envalior, Candace served in editorial roles at SME and Penton Media. Candace earned her bachelor’s degree in communication, specializing in public relations, at Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

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