Manufacturing stronger, sustainable non-pneumatic tires with advanced TPE

Tire manufacturers need to offer smart solutions to meet the challenges often faced in the construction, agriculture and specialty vehicles markets. Traditional air-filled pneumatic tire designs lack the reliability for applications in these industries. When driven over rough terrain, pneumatic tires are highly susceptible to punctures, which translates to downtime and maintenance costs for the end user. Another downfall of traditional pneumatic tires is lack of traction that slows or halts work on jobsites, reducing productivity or doing costly damage to properties.

To overcome these challenges, manufacturers have explored several alternative solutions, including reinforced, run-flat and solid rubber or foam tire designs. Yet, these technologies often present performance issues, such as poor damping and decreased wear. Plus, these types of tires tend to be heavy and require considerable time and money to manufacture.

Recently, the construction, agricultural and specialty vehicle markets have started capitalizing on the advantages of non-pneumatic tires. When investing in non-pneumatic technology, manufacturers need assurance that end products will respond to each of their customers’ existing and future challenges. Tires used in construction equipment, for example, require enhanced mechanical strength for carrying heavy loads as well as high resistance to hot and cold temperatures to operate in different seasons. To improve turf care, design must reduce slippage in wet and steep terrain to maximize the contact patch.

  • Best-in-class non-pneumatic tires with Arnitel®
  • Envalior’s Arnitel is an industry-leading thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) offering a unique combination of high strength, flexibility, temperature resistance and processing characteristics. In close partnership with our customers, we’ve developed a non-pneumatic tire solution integrating an Arnitel “web” between a metal wheel and exterior rubber tread. The result is a lighter, stronger and more sustainable tire that saves customers substantial maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Superior lifetime durability   
  • Arnitel’s hard and soft copolymer block structure enhances wear resistance in tires, and extends their service life to up to three times longer than traditional pneumatic tires. The material’s high impact strength, flex fatigue endurance, load bearing capabilities and creep and tear resistance ensure lifelong high mechanical performance. Excellent overmolding adhesion capabilities enable manufacturers to optimize the relationship between rubber tread surfaces and the Arnitel web, improving wear performance.
  • Designed for harsh conditions
  • With an operating temperature ranging from -30°C to 100°C, Arnitel performs in various climates. Developed with outstanding thermal properties, the material maintains a stable modulus as a function of temperature and offers temperature ductility as low as -40°C. Arnitel also provides high resistance to weathering, chemicals, hydrolysis and microbial factors, making it ideal for use on farms, construction sites and industrial facilities. Plus, our next-generation bio-based Arnitel Eco, made from 50% renewable resources, combines sustainability and high performance with the same ability to excel in tough environments and significantly extend product lifetimes.
  • To learn more about Envalior’s solutions for tires, download our Advanced Materials for Non-Pneumatic Tire Applications white paper. You can also visit plasticsfinder.com or contact us for more information. 

Tony Padden

Stanyl Technical Application Manager, North America

Published on

22 November 2020


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Tony Padden

Stanyl Technical Application Manager, North America

Tony Padden is a Stanyl Technical Application Manager for Envalior in the Americas region. He leverages his expertise in program management, material specification and design to deliver advanced material solutions for the world’s leading manufacturers. Padden has led the successful launch of numerous complex applications for thermoplastic gears, actuation systems, non-pneumatic tires, and other key applications for automotive and industrial customers. Prior to joining Envalior, Padden was a program manager for United Plastics Group.

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