People of Envalior: Anna Dasher

We recently sat down with Anna Dasher, engineering manager of Envalior’ Evansville, Indiana, plant, to learn more about her role at Envalior, the recent Evansville plant modernization, and what it takes to keep Envalior on the cutting edge of innovation.   

1. What is your background?

My background is in mechanical engineering. I grew up in Evansville and started my career at another plastics manufacturing and compounding company. That job took me to New York for a while, then  back to Evansville. I was fortunate, because without being back in the area I don't think I would have had the opportunity to join Envalior.

2. What brought you to Envalior?

In 2018 I had the opportunity to join the company as a process engineer. It was a very exciting time because in 2019 we began the $67 million renovation and expansion of the Evansville plant, and my role became what we called the ready-to-operate manager. That role was all about planning for the startup and commissioning of the Evansville plant’s new state-of-the-art equipment and advanced digital controls. In 2021 I added on the engineering manager role.

3. How do you stay on top of innovation?

My strategy is based on collaboration. Envalior has a very strong global communication network for our engineering and technology teams, and that provides a lot of space for idea-sharing and collective improvements. We hear of innovative concepts from our other teams, and we share our ideas with them.

In addition, the team here in Evansville is a tremendous resource. We have a very strong operations space that has adapted to a lot of change over the years. We have people who have been with us for 40-plus years, and being able to work with them and come up with new ideas is extremely fulfilling.

4. What makes Envalior an industry leader?

I’d say communication because that also extends to our relationships with our customers. It really allows us to foresee and meet customers’ demand. We also have the ability and agility to execute innovative solutions.

As the engineering team, we’re a conduit between developing ideas across all of the company’s functions. We listen to our sales teams and our customers, and we’re able to implement their ideas into the manufacturing process. We get to see the challenges and goals that our customers are bringing forward, and we’re able to analyze and make improvements here to address them.

5. How does Envalior’s commitment to innovation benefit customers?

Our processes have always been well-organized and efficient, but we've taken them to a new level with our investment in digitization and high-precision equipment. The investments we’re making here at Evansville ensure that Envalior’s customers will receive the highest quality, purest raw materials. In addition to the utmost in quality control, the investments made at Evansville will provide manufacturing flexibility to ensure security of supply for our customers.  

Candace Roulo

Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

Published on

27 September 2022


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Envalior’s commitment to sustainability displayed at Evansville plant renovation project

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Candace Roulo

Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

Candace Roulo is Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development for Envalior. Based in Troy, Michigan, she specializes in writing blogs and articles about advanced materials solutions. Prior to joining Envalior, Candace served in editorial roles at SME and Penton Media. Candace earned her bachelor’s degree in communication, specializing in public relations, at Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences.