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We are one month away from Envalior’s Advanced Materials Forum (AMF) North America, and we are very excited to offer you the opportunity to attend this free 100% online event on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

The AMF North America will gather the brightest minds in materials science to give you the latest best practices and applications insights in the industry, along with cutting-edge innovations and advancements in the automotive, medical, water contact, consumer goods and electronics industries.

Registered attendees will receive complimentary access to every session, as well as on-demand access to the presentation recordings and many of the presentations following the event. 

Materials Science & Innovation Insights

The online event features education-building resources, including sessions targeting two tracks:

  • Material Science Innovation
  • Innovation Insights

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest material science innovations, including advancing the circular economy with bio-based or recycled materials, and low carbon solutions. Also learn about thermoplastic material solutions for electric vehicle applications and material science for hydrogen fuel cells. You can also explore PA66 alternatives, advanced modeling of reinforced thermoplastics, advanced tools for color development, and more.

In the Innovation Insights track, experts will discuss key material trends in the healthcare, water contact, and automotive segments. Learn about optimizing thermoplastic gear design, improving vehicle air management performance, material science for 5G connectivity, plus more. You will hear from industry veterans that have seen it all and get their perspective on the future of material science.

Materials Science Innovation Track:

  • Thermoplastic Material Solutions for Electric Vehicle Applications: EV power distribution systems must operate at higher voltage to deliver sufficient power to the vehicle, increasing the need for proper insulation and electromagnetic shielding. Learn how material selection is impacted.
  • Measuring the Impact of Moisture in High-Temperature Polyamides: Explore a transport model for the description of moisture exchange and its effect on mechanical properties in high temperature resistant polyamides.
  • Material Science for Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Learn how material science will play an increasingly important role in addressing key challenges, such as ion leaching.
  • Choosing the Right Polyamide for Applications: When you use the optimum material for your application, you avoid overspecification. Learn how to select the right polyamide for your application based on its requirements.
  • Exploring PA66 alternatives: When global supply chains tighten, capacity constraints can impact popular materials such as PA66. Learn about the potential alternatives.
  • Advancing the Circular Economy with Bio-Based or Recycled Materials: Learn more about Envalior material solutions designed to make products more sustainable and support the circular economy.
  • Towards Low Carbon Solutions @Envalior: Learn how we are reducing our GHG emissions and carbon footprint, and how we can enable the same for our customers.
  • Advanced Modeling of Reinforced Thermoplastics: Use of short-fiber reinforced thermoplastics in the automotive and electronics industry has increased the demand for reliable and fast prediction of mechanical properties. Learn how physics-based models and data science can achieve faster design optimization and shorter development cycles.
  • Advanced Tools for Color Development: As consumers expect brands to offer more choices for personalization, color is an increasingly important part of the design process. Learn how Envalior is developing new tools to enhance the precision of thermoplastic color matching.

Innovation Insights:

  • Automotive Powertrain Trends in North America: Mike Fiske, associate director for IHS Markit, will share the latest powertrain trends and vehicle sales outlook for North America.
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Material Selection: Learn about the market trends, requirements, and material solutions used to build EV charging infrastructure.
  • Improving Vehicle Air Management Performance: Learn how material science is improving efficiency and reducing the costs of air management systems in ICE vehicles.
  • Insights & Trends in Water Contact Applications: Safe and sustainable water contact solutions are more important than ever. Learn about the impact of regulatory changes and market trends on material choices.
  • ·Material Science for 5g Connectivity: Explore design trends and material challenges for 5G smart devices. Learn how high-speed wired/wireless data transfer will bring different challenges to materials used for mechanical parts structures and electronics components.
  • ·Sustainable Material Solutions for Medical Applications: Medical device and pharmaceutical companies are challenged to find cost-effective, sustainable materials that do not compromise patient safety. Learn about connecting sustainability with medical-grade materials for seamless integration into medical device and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Optimizing Thermoplastic Gear Design: Learn why automotive actuators often require high durability performance combined with a compact design to meet under-the-hood application requirements. Find out which material solution meets both these requirements.
  • Leveraging TPE Technology for Athleticwear & Footwear: Learn how Envalior is using thermoplastic elastomer technology to enhance the performance of athletic apparel and footwear, including solutions for Tour de France cyclists.

Who should attend?

Senior engineering and design leaders in North America seeking to improve automotive, electronics, electrical and industrial applications through material science innovation are encouraged to attend. Engineers and designers looking to learn about innovative materials solutions that can be applied to applications in the above-mentioned industry sectors are also welcomed to join AMF.

Register Now

  • To be part of this free online event, please visit our registration page and sign-up! We look forward to seeing you at the virtual forum on Nov. 17!
DSM Marketing & Communications Manager Americas Tom Rippinger Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at the DSM Engineering Plastics Technical Center in Troy, Michigan. (Photo by Steve Fecht for DSM)

Tom Rippinger

Marketing & Communications Manager Americas

Published on

17 October 2021


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Advanced Materials Forum - Register today to attend this 100% online forum


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DSM Marketing & Communications Manager Americas Tom Rippinger Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at the DSM Engineering Plastics Technical Center in Troy, Michigan. (Photo by Steve Fecht for DSM)

Tom Rippinger

Marketing & Communications Manager Americas

Tom Rippinger is marketing & communications manager for Envalior in the Americas region. Prior to joining Envalior, he served in advertising and public relations account management roles for global automotive clients such as General Motors at Leo Burnett and MSL Group. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA in marketing at Wayne State University.

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